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The Press is one project of the Daynal Institute to assist in fostering exploration of the spiritual counterpart of advancing material knowledge and temporal wisdom. As such, the scope of the Press includes work across a range of subjects in the Humanities and Sciences to explore the limitless range of facts, meanings, and values implicit in the question of “who are we” as human beings to have taken upon ourselves the name- homo sapiens -the wise and knowing one.

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Daynal Institute Press titles are freely available online in the Nordan Symposia for readers to enjoy as they wish.
Otherwise, our physical books are distributed to the trade by Red Wheel Weiser in partnership with Origin Press.
To examine the complete catalog of titles, follow this link.

Featured Publications

America Awake

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America Awake by August Jaccaci written under the inspiration of Thomas Jefferson. It was the Press' first trade paperback book pubished in 2008, It is a prophetic cry to envision a new cosmology extending the ideals of direct democracy to an emerging world seeking a "more perfect union" rooted in the knowledge of the limitless value of each citizen.

The Helianx Proposition

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The Helianx Proposition by Timothy Wyllie was first published by the Press in 2008 as an elegant handmade edition available in limited quantities. Since then, two editions, a trade hardcover and a slipcased edition. were published in September 2014. The book was in preparation for over 30 years and is a uniquely beautiful example of the book as a work of art, weaving visual and narrative artistry together in the course of exploring an alternative creation myth.

Sutras for a New World

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Sutras for a New World is a collection of excerpts derived from The Teaching Mission Dialogues on a range of topics representing the thought of the Teacher Corps as it has emerged through the course of over 50 years around the world. The book is designed to be read in the context of the Stillness practice or anytime as a source of inspiration for a more focused spiritual life. It is scheduled for publication in August 2019.

Teaching Mission Dialogues

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The Teaching Mission Dialogues; The Press publishes online the only complete collection of dialogues, over 20,000 pages of text cross referenced to its basic textbook, the Urantia Papers. Multiple search criteria may be used to examine these works, and from this project are planned several books for the general trade.