1975-08-08-San Diego


Teaching buddha small.jpg


Topic: San Diego

Group: At Large


Teacher: 0802-AB-Jack

Contact Personality: Alan



It has been a long time and a lot of experiences under your belts. I, of course, am always concerned with what you do with your experiences.

Q: We got a dog. What do you think?

A: A dog? A good choice. He will be a good companion for you. What has happened with your intentions to illuminate the dark corners of the unknown? Has it been amply oppressive for you?

Q: [Unclear]

A: Well you had a lot of friends pulling for you. Still do. Ask around.

Q: Ask around the cosmos?

A: Anywhere. Depending on your uses of the uses of the funds, they are sometimes. What are your motivations today? To make a living, take your picks.

Q: It doesn't matter. You don't care?

A: No. Who does? To make funds to accomplish more idealistic goals is another matter. You want mobility. You want time without unrealistic stress. Well, your environs and society will dictate a great portion of what you can/cannot do. Trade is an established channel and always will be. It has far-reaching ramifications, as well as social intercourse. I am all in favor of it. You could travel worldwide and bring the truth to a lot of unlighted corners. Don't let your dog chew your UB's.

Q: How's Lucifer?

A: Still protesting his innocence.

Q: How are you?

A: The usual. But after a night of difficulties on the local streets, I wonder. I do not lose ultimate optimism, but I do concern myself with the immediate.

Q: Your survival, Jack?

A: Not at all. Yours!

Q: [Something about exhaustion]

A: Yes, but you have all the tools at your disposal. It interests me that you call on me only at those times you begin a new phase. This is not to say I carry any lack. You know, don't you, when a new phase is coming. Now, translate it to destiny and the forward evolution from plane to plane. This is, indeed, how it works.

As to your particular/material needs, as long as your motivations are non-personal, things will take care of themselves. As you have seen so often. I have little else to add.

Q: [Question about family ties]

A: Familial associations are always right and healthy.

Q: [Question about Ms. S's sister]

A: I hardly got to know her. Sorry to say, she is where she belongs for now. For one thing, you won't be here long enough to have taken care of her long-term needs.

Q: I think we planted a seed or two.

A: It only takes one.

Q: [Unknown]

A: No big deal.

Q: Did you like Wilderness Pines?

A: Very much, but your location was not conducive to complete meditation.

Q: [Reference back to travel plans]

A: I will help you get on the road as long as you don't forget that which I represent. It is a good thing that you desire. Bye.

Q: [A question about anxieties over this communication process.]

A: Then use your own good judgment and stop reinforcing this thing.

Q: [Concern about the T/R ascribing Jack's messages to his own subconscious mind.]

A: Three mindal powers make a unified positive force. Bye for now.