2001-10-26-Forgiveness, Service, Correcting Time

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Topic: Forgiveness, Service, Correcting Time

Group: Cincinnati TeaM


Teacher: Malvantra

TR: Stephen



Ted: Heavenly Father, we thank you for this opportunity to get together with friends to consider the spiritual nature of our lives, and to learn more about our future spiritual status as we progress through the schools of your universe and strive to be that perfection of spirit which you desire for us. May we listen carefully and gain insight as we would in any time, anywhere.

Stephanie: Christ Michael, Our Father, Our brother, if You're available to join us, please come!

Sussi: Paradise Father, Christ Michael, Holy Mother Nebadonia, 1 thank you for the love that you connect us all with. I thank you for our purpose. Thank you for reminding us of our friendship, our camaraderie, and the love that binds us all that we could go out and share that with all of your Creation. Help us learn your ways. Help us make our hearts into something that would shine brightly on this earth; bring it back into a bright orb in your heavens. Thanks for this evening. We thank you for this love between our group.

Stephanie: Father within, Thought Adjuster of mine, please reach out and connect to the Fragment of You that dwells in each of the others of the seekers in this room. Touch Ted and Carl, Sandra and Jack. Reach out and find a way to sing with Stephen and with Sussi- Connect us together as though we had our arms around each others' necks. Find a spiritual union that will transcend even the words that we hear so that our souls may virtually grow this evening in this place.



Malvantra (Stephen TR): We contribute. Our gracious contributions are never fraught with danger, but are replete with the wisdom we've acquired and the faith that we've mustered. Our attitudes are paramount for the delivery of our charitable contribution. For, in fact, we give of ourselves by the true display, by the sincere willingness to express in our unique way the loving energy and the pattern of friendship, brotherhood and sisterhood, that we let it go, let it be in the past, do we need to actually speak of that with the child, or does the child see us let it go and adopt the behavior because we've shown him or her the way?

The tensions you describe are natural, normal, and accompany the child's growth and development simultaneously with the changing scenario of the mother, or parent-child relationship. You have rightly surmised that the learning experience is shared by both the child and the parent. The instructions can be verbalized. Your role modeling is a excellent method of teaching, and you can ponder the mistakes you've made without crucifying yourself, without obsessing on errors or mistakes, simply recognize the poor judgment or inappropriate action- Prepare yourself to adjust. Apologies are given and you prepare for a better way of interacting with your child. How true that the most difficult job on the planet involves parenting, for in such a crucial relationship there is constant opportunity for change and growth on every emotional and psychological level of your being.


Stephanie: I can really see a wonderful opportunity to let forgiveness dc its fine work, too. When somebody else is in some kind of an event with you that's emotionally upsetting, how much better it wouid be then to be able to forgive that in yourself and the other person.

Malvantra (Stephen TR]: Forgiveness is like polarity. It starts within yourself. Be self forgiving in all things and you will generate the cause for greater mercy and compassion for others, in turn forgiving them their misgivings and abnormalities. So, you identify correctly. Forgiveness has two poles: your individual self improvement and your charitable contribution to those whom you feel have slighted you. I can imagine a world in which the theme of forgiveness overshadows all misunderstandings and portrays a purposeful, pleasant, potent form of regenerative alignment with the divine way. To grant forgiveness is, as your Master mentioned, "Even so such as you gave a cup of water to a stranger, so too, have you ministered to the least among you". How also you will come to value the importance of forgiveness in all aspects of your daily life, forgiving, not holding a grudge, not allowing a barrier to set into your own soul development, but permitting the wrongs done by yourself and others to be as autumn leaves floating on a stream under the bridge, passing by and leaving for the time. Simply a memory is left behind. Forgive in all things and much shall be forgiven you.

Stephanie: I can see where the Master might have had all of that in mind when he said, "Be of good cheer". If you've forgiven any wrong it's easier to be able to come to the present and start again, and be upbeat and cheerful about it.

Malvantra: (Stephen TR): The Master, as a Paradise Creator Son of Nebadon exhibits eternal divine characteristics of Trinity, specifically, mercy expression. In all modes of behavior mercy is a paramount approach to the Master's interactions with problem solving, especially with you humans. The least understood, is the forgiveness quality of the Divine Creator. To forgive allows the recipient to benefit, but the giver of the forgiveness experiences great soul growth. The Master was aware that the pattern of returning good for evil and returning a kiss for a scorn was simply the universal release of the overqualified value of goodness applied in all varying circumstances. So, too, should you forgive each other and in divine recompense feel the grace of the Lord's forgiveness for the planetary missteps.


Stephanie: And is this one of the benchmarks of measuring soul growth? You talked to us last week about how it is very difficult to measure your progress through space even though we're going at a very fast pace in motion. We can't really sense that, but we are able to measure our soul growth because our quality of life in the spirit is different now from what it was before we experience the growth of the soul.

Malvantra (Stephen TR): It's enlightening to understand when reviewing your life, to acknowledge your personal growth and your awareness of your own cosmic citizenship. Truly we can recognize growth within ourselves - like a mirror reflecting your real self - like a face peering onto the surface of a pond. The image reflected back is truly you, only it's somewhat nonmaterial. Yet, the image is real. You will recognize your personal growth as you grow in the spirit, becoming more loving, more forgiving, more compassionate, less harsh, less judgmental, less annoyed, more confident, more able to sense, as a scent of perfume like the dust from the flower petals, that divine perfume as flashed and sprayed exquisitely throughout the arena of your ecology - where you move, where you speak, where you think, where the atomic synapses of life, chemical firing throughout you brain synapses, even to the depths of your night time dream. You will sense that scent of the divine guidance, whether you be blind of deaf and dumb. The scent and the presence of the divine is powerful enough with the strength to propel you into life everlasting. Your awareness of the Divine Presence within your being is ultimately your true cosmic awareness. Your ability to discern a Divine Presence residing in your being is the key to the secret chamber, to the adorable gem, the treasure chest of the universal. This chest is opened by your secret, by your awareness that the Presence with you is a guide to the afterlife, back through time and space, through the minor sector, through Havona, the shores of Paradise, to the lips of The Beloved, a divine universal overcontrol, the Trinity of Eternal Peace and formulated understanding. How magnificent to realize such a mustard seed grows into a mighty tree, and the scent that the birds pick up from miles around and flock to the branches to rest and nest. So, too, is the divine perfume of our beloved freely bestowed and sanctified by your conscious acceptance.


Carl: Define service. The Urantia Book points out that we should be of service. Would it be possible to find employment where you could have an income and also provide service at the same time?

Malvantra (Stephen TR): Service, you are curious to know, is multifaceted, is multidimensional: service to one's self, self pride, hygiene, good habits, good health, gracious living, service to your loved ones. The charity of contribution I told of is, in fact, the service you seek - your friends, strangers you meet. The service to be applied is not prescribed and analogued in prescriptive form., instead, generalized to be applied in your own pattern of belief and expression. Mistake not the service component, as you read in discussing the profit motive last week. Your service component is essential, is crucial, is not to be missed in your ascension to Paradise. It is the actual fabric, the glue and the oil that propels the entire mechanism of sentient being interaction and growth, everywhere. Everyone in tune to the Lord is in service in the dual nature to each other and to the Lord. Service, Carl, is quite rightly the key to your personal challenge. As you seek you will see opportunities for service. You decide what's harmonious for your being and where your comfortable fit lies. You need only be accepting to perform service and the angelic interventions will present opportunities. Pursue your theme of service and your rewards will be bountiful. Serve as a co partner in the mercy ministry of the Master's exceptional life work. I can not conceive of Nebadon operating with such precision without a service component of all spiritual and material life in complete harmony with the object of giving and sharing to the best of their ability with each other. I can envision a world where service, mercy application, and true awareness of divine attachment to our world will bring everyone out of the darkness into the light.

Correcting Time

Stephanie: Has the Correcting Time changed since Prince Machiventa has begun his stewardship of Urantia?

Malvantra (Stephen TR): The Correcting Time shifts like sands of time daily through the winds of change and your planetary significant alteration of current events. But, the goal and the primary purpose remains the same throughout; instructions by Michael of Nebadon with complete assistance of Nebadonia. The Vicegerency of Machiventa promulgates the pattern instituted by the Divine Father patterns of readjustment, realignment, establishment of circuitries, reinstituting evolutionary approaches long forgotten, fallen by the way side.

You mention reserve corps. How true. You are not forgotten and your numbers grow daily. Time is a term we apply. In fact, you each have your internal clock and you each experience your own personal Correcting Time. How nice to realize the duality of your own existence. Correcting the planet without correcting yourselves? How could we? It's simultaneous. It's changing. It's a daily activity. Its influx is never stagnant. It proceeds apace. Your knowledge of the Correcting Time is available to become enhanced through TR, computer web, personal awareness, stillness connection, whatever and wherever you feel the fullness of the Master's love. The divine weight like a velvet robe sinking in black velvet, sparkled with diamonds representing the stars of heaven - you'll know correction. You'll feel the correction. You'll experience the corrections by being in tune with your divine guides. Truly you're correcting as you pray. Pray for change.

Stephanie: That was just beautiful. Thank you so much. What a replete answer!

Malvantra (Stephen TR): Thank your admirable selves for your commitment and your desire to better your personal condition - not at the expense of the group but with full acceptability of the anxiety and apprehension of charting unknown territory. How courageous, how admirable to proceed with the flag of life, with the rose of enduring love. Endurance. Perseverance. Purpose, persnickety purpose. Portray yourselves to the children you meet as a role model of loving, a charitable display of gentle forgiveness and forever accepting the trials that are brought upon you for the Master's sake, for his plan to feed and supply the blossoming of the Supreme as the universe unfolds in its own specialized correcting realignment, all in the glory of the Trinity Creator; how the smiles bestowed in sweet embrace for the work, prepared for those who accept the gospel of faith and the path of divine sonship and daughtership with the Mother Goddess, Nebadonia - in direct contact with the Infinite Spirit, spreading mind circuitry like the wings of a dove enfolding each child in the gift of a sweet brain cell embrace. So role model in sweet ways, in gentle ways to the children that they may see God's love shining in your eyes and in your speech and in your behavior, in your charity, in your giving, in your patterns of behavior, in your lifestyle. You are the teachers to the young children in your care. They watch you intuitively, gathering data of your molds of behavior. Present them with inspiring displays of true, genuine, and unique loyalty to the gospel teachings.

Stephanie: That's such beautiful advice. I've been teaching second graders. I've been with them two days with two more days to go and found myself writing: love is the desire to do good to others on the board. We talked about how many wonderful adults love them and want to keep them safe at Halloween and that they didn't need to be afraid because there were so many people who thought they were precious and would protect them and keep them safe and warm and close.

Malvantra (Stephen TR): You and your brethren in this room are our second graders - precious, protected, secure in the knowledge we oversee. We watch care of your every step and prepare to intervene for your full protection -full watch care, never forgotten as you grow in your school of the Correcting Time.

Stephanie: You're such a good teacher for me, Malvantra. I'm really able to feel the love of the Father and the love of the Universe when you teach. Thank you so much. I'm very touched by your lessons.


Malvantra (Stephen TR): Thank you for your acknowledgment of the Father's love which is the nectar that sustains all life. Sup upon the ocean of love. Drink fully in your river of awareness as the wind blows cold winter down your chimney. Remember to attune with the Father daily, for supplication in sanctified silence is the breath of eternal life. I bid a good night to my cherished brethren and devote my energies to your protection and safekeeping. Shalom. Gather thee as the storms await in sweetening sleep, the sweet sleep of the Justified and Knowledgeable One.