2003-05-17-Acquisition of Wisdom


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Topic: The Acquisition of Wisdom

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Machiventa

TR: Sandy Montee



Machiventa: “Hello Sandy, this is Machiventa. Today let us discuss the acquisition of Wisdom, and what it is that makes a man or woman wise.


“Contrary to the accepted beliefs of many, it is not the person who jumps into the middle of an argument, or tries to loudly tell others how to live their lives, who is blessed with great wisdom. The truly wise are short on advice, and altogether non-judgmental.

“The wise know within themselves that valuable experiences have taught them to be humble, and for them to wait for God to show them the right directions. A wise person has learned to listen attentively, and talk sparingly. These are people who draw others toward them, often by some innate quality that may be hard to define.

“To make sensible decisions, and to carry them through, requires a process of clear reasoning about the opportunity or the problem at hand, from beginning to end, and before a final decision is reached. A wise person always finds inner peace – that tranquility of the soul – and is never anxious to gain fame or fortune, but realizes that God has not placed them on this earth to tell others their opinions on anything.

“The ‘know it all attitude’ must wave a red flag of caution for you, in that the individual who brags is usually the one that you shouldn’t listen to, because their sole aim is to impress others with the cleverness and wisdom they do not really possess. The wise person knows it is usually God’s will that they say little and remain humble, which they truly are.

“Watch and listen and wait for the Creator to play His hand in whatever the task to be decided, or the project at hand. It is possible for men and women to acquire great wisdom in their earthly lifetimes here, and as you evolve into a more spiritual way of living, you will indeed pick up much wisdom along the road of mortal hardship and suffering. Ask Him to help you make your decisions, and learn from His eternal loving ways.

“Go forth you all, with the ‘insight of knowing’ that He will always have His input and that you have little to do but be aware of what He teaches with words of encouragement and kindness. Remember it is appropriate to only give advice when it is asked for, and for you to always let the other person steer his or her own craft upon these turbulent earthly seas.

“Follow always the example of Christ Michael, yes, and follow always in His footsteps by trusting that He will show you the way of doing the will of the Father. Take notice and learn from the many lessons of life, and listen for His words of wisdom to acquire wisdom.


“I leave you now. This is Machiventa Melchizedek.”

Toujours au Service de Michael

(Forever in Michael’s Service)