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Topic: Truth

Group: Nashville TeaM


Teacher: Ham

TR: Rebecca



Ham: Greetings, children, I am Ham and I am happy that you have chosen to be here this evening. This evening it is good to discuss the waters of truth.


In this universe, it is true that the Master himself is the font of all truth. From him go forth the living waters believers seek. From him originates these circuits of spiritual truth. No man may go to the Father but through him and through his truth.

Each person longs for the cool, clear draft of truth. In truth there is no shadow of unreality, no uncertainty as to what it is. There is only one thing that is water and there is only one thing that is truth.

The Master also said, man does not live by bread alone but by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God. This living truth comes by way of our Master, Michael of Nebadon, Jesus of Nazareth. When you uphold truth, you uphold him. When you give truth, you give of him, and when you receive truth you receive from him.

Each of you thirsts for truth and hungers for righteousness. This seeking, this urge, is proof that you have indeed entered the kingdom of heaven. Certainly you are questing after assurance and certainly you will receive that assurance in your hearts. But the waters of truth must flow within you. It must rise up so that your cup runneth over and gives truth to those around you and waters their souls with your love.

The truth the Master brings is not always an easy truth. Sometimes the ground of your soul is so hardened that it runs in rivulets down well worn paths in your soul. It takes time for the soul to saturate with water, with truth, and sometimes this truth must be applied gradually. Many times I have said to you the way of faith is not easy. It is not a way to avoid the unpleasantness of reality. You, my friends, have faced and are facing many hard truths squarely. Continue then to find your way and in doing so become that fount of living water. Then, all who thirst will come to you.

What are your questions?


Q: Is truth just another word for what is real?

Ham: No. Truth is more than simple reality. Truth is the spiritual value within that reality as well.

Q: I’d like to know how I can turn my life over to the Master?

Ham: My son, it is wonderful that would ask such a question. True desire and prayer are your aids. It is a matter of time and of sustaining your will. You have come very far and are undergoing great spiritual changes or alterations within your being. Trust in your higher self. Seek after true self-respect and also when you find the thread of love in your heart, cling to this. Before long, this small rivulet will be clear pool encompassing your being. Love and truth are indeed one. Ponder this my son, you do well.

Personal Counsel

Q: Do you have anything for Rebecca?

Ham: Certainly my daughter. Fear not for your work is developing just fine. You are following the path that has been set before you. Look neither to the left nor the right, but continue.

Q: Jarad?

Ham: My son Jarad, it is for you to be supportive of Rebecca as she has tirelessly and unflaggingly been supportive of you.

Q: I'm not very good at helping someone else about writing and all, I just discovered that. All I know is how I write but that is not appropriate for her, she has to do her own deal anyway.

Ham: Nevertheless, it is your role to be supportive of her as she has been supportive of you.

It is hard to be tactful and the only way I know to write is a story. I thought I has been supportive, I have been trying to be.

Ham: Nonetheless, I stand by my statement. It is for you to be supportive of Rebecca as she has been supportive of you.

Q: I understand. I slide into the authoritative know it all role and she slides into the defensive deal and nobody has hard feelings about that.....

Ham: Very well, are there further questions at this time?

Q: Ham, do you have any counsel for me this evening?

Ham: Yes my son, you do very well. As your way and your life continues to develop, you yourself must understand that the spiritual must come first. When you make the spiritual your life’s center, all else will be added unto you. So, be at peace my son. Your way is firm but things will be ever easier for you when you make the decision to surrender more and more to the spirit. You are a man who sees deeply at times but then turns back towards the shallows for comfort. Is this helping?

Q: Yes, thank you Ham.

Q: Ham, may I ask for your advice and [counsel] for my own self please?

Ham: Certainly, my daughter, remember that this situation, just as it is, is filled with lessons. Human suffering does have purpose and the pain along with the dreadful uncertainty you feel will leave you much wiser and more at peace in the future. This is not an easy part you have here. Yours is the more difficult one. But through this time period, much more good will be gained than anything you can imagine now. It is important that you take some time for yourself away from the constant impetus to be doing something. Take one day at a time and be assured that your companion will one day fully appreciate the sacrifices you have made and the lengths you have gone to. You do very well my dear, be at peace.

Q: May I ask for a message for Jim?

Ham: Certainly. My son, be at peace. Think now only on the spirit and on how to find your way in the spirit. The time you have now is given for a purpose. Use it well. It is a difficult thing to be as you are in a kind of limbo of unknowing. But this also is good and is merciful. Find peace with your loved ones and peace with God.

Q: May I have a personal message please?

Ham: Certainly my son. You are doing very well and it is good to have these strong feelings for your brother. Be at peace concerning these things for the Father’s will will be done. You have a life ahead of you my son and it would not do for you to be harming yourself and your future for a very uncertain outcome. Be at peace and have understanding that everyone has done what they thought best and so these things must be in accordance with the Father’s will.

Q: Do have a personal message for Norbert?

Ham: Norbert my son, you do well. Continue to seek after the spirit and all else will come into perspective. Your life is moving forward as it should, even though at times it may seem not to be. Have peace my son.

Q: Do you have a personal message for Charlie B?

Ham: My son, you do well. Gradually you are coming into a gentle love for yourself and this gentle love spills out to others. All is well.

Q: Do you have any feedback for me this week?

Ham: Of course, my son. You continue to grow in the spirit and to find your spiritual path more readily and easily. Things of the spirit are now your first thought, not an after consideration and this great shift has occurred just recently. All of this bodes well for the future. The spirit is like the bow of a ship parting the waters. It is the spirit that gives you the way. Be at peace then my son, you do very well.


Are there any further questions? Very well then, as always, my love and my prayers go with you each. Drive safely in this weather. Watch for unexpected hazards. That is all, farewell.