1978-11-12-At Wellesley

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Topic: At Wellesley

Group: At Large


Teacher: 0802-AB-Jack

Contact Personality: Alan



0802-AB Jack Here: How are you today? A lot of activity this weekend. Have you enjoyed it? Did you want to ask me questions?

Q: Yes, we wanted to refer to a previous session, okay? [Gone for transcripts]

0802-AB here.

Q: [Unknown question]

A: Tell Jerry? I think s/he knows.

Q. [All instincts worked out on No. 1 regarding children]

A. You will have to feel the Spirit of Truth regarding that. Meditate over it so to feel comfortable with it rather than "take my word" for such "personal" decisions. Mostly it was … "is" my "opinion" and feelings on the matter, not a pronouncement.

Q: I know that.

A: The "energy" -- non-used -- that such leaves applicable must now be channeled. Do you have any thoughts about with what?

Q. Yes, parental in the UB community.

A. Go slow and easy. Those you have informed are going to "watch" you closely. But they are looking for leadership and most of us want to feel we made it possible for the leader to lead. Hope you got my message. Psychology is that -- we want a good leader but "resent" the leadership.

The common man wants to believe that he was instrumental in making the favorable environment for the leader to lead him. That is my message, and why you must go slowly and gently. Cause-and-effect.

Q: Is your supervisor a primary midwayer?

A: Yes, in conjunction with another.

Q: Who? Can you say?

A: No. Not permitted.

Q: What about No. 3? [Referring to the earlier transcript]

A: The complete sentence is there, yes, but one too many "earliers."

Q: In reference to the Caligastia rebellion?

A: Well, yes, it was, but I did not -- I have felt some need for "repentance" as a result of those days.

I have felt some anxiety for my mortal cousins and have been allowed to see if I can help others so that they need not have overmuch "wars" within themselves, which are the natural effects of the rebellion. I am told I am "over-reacting" but permission was granted.

There are midwayers who specialize in such. I have to some extent, but it is not my "specialty." I have been communicating on this world for some time, but you are my first so-called "common man."

Q: Your specialty is?

A: Learning to communicate. Hence? Communications.

Q: You say in #4, "mildly favorable, etc." Any comment on that?

A: Not too much. Not at this time. As you know, we need a channel of a sort with which to operate. The energy supervisors and seraphim do not feel that in this case other energy sources be used. However, it is true that one sure result is that the subject is being "trained in the deep mind." Perhaps it could be used at some later date or necessity.

Q: Shall we set up a schedule of talk?

A: We can be adult about it.

Q: I'm 34 now.

A: "Still a kid," as RS would say. And speaking of them, I am glad you go there. They seldom indicate, but they are uplifted after each session. Be patient with them.

Q: We're "card carrying" [[[Urantia Book]] members-at-large] now.


A: I know. Write the ladies and let them know. As soon as possible. You can then acknowledge to the Brotherhood with time and day of your regular meetings. In time, send them a list of names, addresses and phone numbers which they will file. But wait until 1979 to do that. They will be contacting you soon.

If that is all, I will go…..