1991-11-25-Human Happiness

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Topic: Human Happiness

Group: Woods Cross TeaM


Teacher: Ham

TR: Rebecca



Happiness, peace, spiritual fulfillment, is part and parcel of God knowingness. Happiness, true happiness, springs from an eternal well.

This well, found in stillness and solitude, wells up within the soul, refreshing not only yourself, but all those who chance to come in contact with you. Many years are normally spent in unhappiness, in passing happiness, that is. Happiness is not found in external stimulation, possessions, physical adornments, infatuations, or wealth.

True happiness is only found within. Augmenting this happiness is our relationships with others. Friendship, fellowship, of all kinds, augments, strengthens, secures true happiness. Remember you always have this refreshing well to drink from.

All aspects of life are enhanced. Friendship is made more meaningful. Daily burdens are lessened. The stress of living is replaced by the joy of being. The wonder of existence replaces the doldrums of the daily routine. Happiness must be shared for it quickly dies in solitude. Live life to its fullest by sharing it with your loved ones, your friends, your true neighbors. Sharing of one's self is Godlike.