1992-02-10-Mota & Spiritual Perception

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Topic: Mota & Spiritual Perception

Group: Woods Cross TeaM


Teacher: Ham

TR: Rebecca



You are all beginning to perceive reality using spiritual vision. We are endeavoring through teaching and experience to enlarge this perception. Many years are required to even begin perception of true mota, for it requires the soul to become perceptive and experiencing, coupled with the intellectual understanding together. This dual perception is the beginning of mota.

You may not perceive reality well in using only intellect or only spirit. The true blending of these two results in a combined perception experience which transcends either one alone. Philosophy or theology is mans intellectual approach to reality. Metaphysics and various spirit-isms is his spiritual approach to reality. These two are both limited, erroneous, and easily toppled - broken, for the over extension in either direction is inherently unstable.

Ponder the spiritual value of a child, if you would. There is in this understanding, a combination of direct value perception to a degree and, the intellectual understanding of the child as creature of God. The love from God for the child is the key to understanding this perception. This is meant to help your growth by promoting deep thought. Consider instead a beautiful tree whose loveliness begins to be truly appreciated. Impossible it is to be in harmony - appreciation with God's infinite understanding. Gradually we can approach His understanding through spiritual insight, for sensing the trees' great beauty is not through the intellect, which is mechanical sight and mind perception. With mind perception you may count the branches, you may note the color, you may see if there are buds on them, or birds nesting therein. These things you may see, but again, the understanding of God's work is in spiritual perception.

This perception is beyond sensory, being truly a morontial experience. So, when we are in beauty appreciation, we are coming a step closer toward value perception. All true value is from the Father; is consisting of an expression of Himself. Beauty exist everywhere. It behooves us in humility to stand before the beauties of nature in awe to begin this understanding. How small are we? How impotent we feel in the face of the creations of God? If tonight were clear, I would suggest looking at the stars before you retire. Pause to ponder on His vast creation in infinite variations and spectacular beauty. Allow your ego to be humbled and childlike for it is truth and the only proper attitude.

Also, when pondering and reflecting upon the glory of our Father, consider that you are His child. How special you are to Him. It is truly not comprehensible for us to comprehend One who is all powerful in all things, who is in fact your Father. Allow this to help you grow inside in stature and in worth to Him. Allow not the trivial ego centered self to dominate the true spiritual potential self, emerging self.