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Topic: Transitions

Group: Woods Cross TeaM


Teacher: Ham

TR: Rebecca



This evening I wish to begin our lesson and speak about transitions.


In the road of life often are there hard and unsure pathways. There are unsteady footholds. There are rocks which give out beneath our feet. Where we thought we were safe is not always so. Understand that your concepts of security and safety may be based on illusion. For what is true security? What constitutes a balanced, safe, secure, strong existence? Is it not centered on the good Spirit of our Father, who guides us and shows us the path to the noble exercise of faith and security? Security, safety, is not found in this world.

I say to you, all this material world existence is but dust. All your wealth, all your fame and glory will not carry you beyond the grave. All - you leave behind. Yes. Surely as I speak, all of this world is but dust and much of what you perceive to be secure is crumbling even now. I am not advocating the giving up of your material wealth and security. No, not at all. However, I do mean to show that this is not your true security, for what matters it to a man of true faith if all things earthly crumble.

He who has real and abiding faith and strength is secure in his knowledge of truth and reality. This knowledge precedes and supersedes all of the material world. Father, who walks with each of us is always concerned over your true welfare and will never, ever forsake His children. You are all carefully looked after and watched over and cared for within His great eternal arms. He who is the maker of all reality, brings you to Himself and to the truth of this fount of all that is.

Within each child, the good spirit is and is becoming in life. Often all the cares of the world are so overwhelming - that we who are, or once were, part of this dust - conceive that it may overwhelm and overcome us. How untrue. How false. What a lie is this. Yes. You who see, who have insight into true reality, must exercise this living faith to get you through these times of transition and trouble. Yes. You must show within and without to others that you can and do rely upon the living God and the Spirit of Truth for your true security, happiness, welfare, and progress.

Transitions are so very difficult in their uncertainty. Uncertainty, causes the material mind to fear and fear can be deadly to spiritual progress. Always must we look to the Father in these times of difficulty - uncertain futures. Yes, indeed. Even when we are uncertain of ourselves, certain can we be of God. Transient reality is the essence of material existence. All change and growth is continuous transition. Even when life appears static, generally you experience great change, great difficulties and great problems which, you surmount yourselves by your strength - your calm and secure mental abilities - which are grounded in spiritual truth.

Life is the subtotal of your hard and difficult decisions through the exercise of sublime faith. How are we to judge another? Who lives within another's mind? Only our Father. We who serve and teach, endeavor to show a broader path, a wide and open path of certain salvation; we indeed are walking this path arm in arm with you. You who are walking this path are indeed walking arm in arm with God. You who are walking this path are indeed walking arm in arm with Michael, for His great spiritual benevolence is always present with you truly.