1993-01-28-On Receiving A Teacher

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Teaching buddha small.jpg


Topic: On Receiving A Teacher

Group: Kona TeaM


Teacher: Unknown

TR: David Saunders



As you reach into the stillness of your heart, as the mind quiets itself in preparation to reflect the spirit pronouncements of truth you are ready to receive, as these emanations become more perceivable, you must supply the faith to "hear" them as clearly as you would your own thoughts, understand them as easily as you do your own ideas, "voiced" in your own head.

In the beginning, it is no easy matter to discern, for some it is easier, but for most it will be achieved only after diligent focusing and much practice in relaxed concentration. Do not be anxious or rushed into "trying too hard", this leads to frustration, not to fruition. If the vessel dwells in still waters and the "Master" awaits, peacefully prepared for inspirations and insights, directions will be given, the destination will be known, smoother sailing through the channel begins. This will happen for each of you at the most appropriate time. You set the time by your intent, your practice, your readiness, your unconditional willingness to be of service. The stillness is always here, help and communication are always available, everything awaits your active participation.

You are not being rushed. You are not being pushed. You are being watched. You are being readied. Many await your alignment, many anticipate and many will celebrate when you more fully live in the spirit realm of your highest choice.

One of those who actively wait upon you.