1993-07-25-God and His Infinite Love

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Topic: God & His Infinite Love

Group: Nashville TeaM


Teacher: Ham

TR: Rebecca



Greetings. I am Ham and 1 am your teacher/friend. Time has come for our lesson to begin. It is about teaching about God and His infinite love.


Truth, Sharing

The heart of our message always revolves around a core reality and seeks to find an area of commoner understanding in order to convey understanding concerning a central truth. No truth is ever transferred from one intellect to another, yet an intellect is able to guide another's toward his own truth discovery. In your personal ministries, remember that you can never give another your truth experience, only aid him in finding truth for himself.

Given this awareness, our first task is to find common ground of experience. As a father bends down to make eye contact with his son, so should you, when ministering to a child of God, find that level of mutual understanding. Usually you can do this by asking questions that draw out the person. All humans seek to bestow their truths upon another, and when this occurs is someone most vulnerable. Gently explain your understanding of their truth, adding some of your own truth experience. Not too little as to be undetected, not so much as to smother the original truth concept and make it unrecognizable, but just enough to enhance the flavor of their truth like salt moderately added to food. Too little salt adds no taste, too much salt makes food unpalatable, but the right amount adds to the flavor and makes it easier to swallow or assimilate, makes it more agreeable.

Truly great men have understood this lesson and have used this understanding to their advantage. Use it for the Master's advantage. Use His understanding and make it yours. Use His gospel message to His advantage. Come to understand that you also are the salt of the earth, that you must be used to be fruitful. That through human association is the fruit made sweet and the robust exercise of faith becomes your reality. Listen inwardly at all times to the ever speaking voice within you who always shows you the better way, who always reveals ever increasing worth, who always shines ever brighter through love, who is your true and final destiny.

He who created heaven and earth also lives within your very being. He who upholds all of creation uses the hand of a father toward His sons. Always and forever is his truth central to your being and becoming. Never is this reality destined to alter or change. No, forever is this thread a cable of unassailable truth and ever must you lead your brethren to take hold of this central reality. Millions of men live and die without the knowledge, much less the experiential understanding, that God Himself lives within them. When His central truth is discovered, then can men be led to the understanding that He is their Father, the personal, the deepest reality.