1993-08-21-The Master's Birthday

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Topic: The Master's Birthday

Group: Nashville TeaM


Teacher: Ham

TR: Nina



Greetings. I am Melchizedek, who here today speaks. You are here in commemoration and worship of our Sovereign, He who created and justly, righteously governs this universe of Nebadon, even to this planet of His nativity. Blessings and Love are given through His Spirit, (yea, even his Spirit mat is His flesh and blood?).His very being rejoices today, again.


Look always to find Him his peace and perfection. Witness ahead the coming again of our blessed Lord, even as His Spirit now dwells among you. He seeks out the downhearted, the bewildered, the lost souls throughout His vast realm. Even as He has sought you out, so shall you, as His earthly ambassadors, seek those who fear and tremble alone. For I say to you that all men, all women, all children and babes yet unborn, will one day unite in worship and brotherhood in His kingdom. No man shall be forgotten, no broken heart shall be left unbound, nor tear left undried upon this humble world. Now is the time begun that correction shall be tendered, mat new hope shall spring forth across the land, this land. Your generation truly has been blessed of Him who has sent me. Long centuries have I waited to come forth as I do now. Behold the dawning of a new century with a new spiritual life. His work will we do together. His being will we glorify together and His message will we spread together. Indeed will His great second dawning truly begins within your hearts that you may know Him; that others will know that you know Him, indeed that all the world will someday know this truth. Blessings upon you, my sons, beloved of God. I leave you today.

Greetings. I am Ham. Thank you all for attending our blessed meeting. Our beloved leader, Melchizedek, has spoken words which shall be remembered within your hearts throughout eternity. I am honored and pleased to here be within your circle and to be your teacher. Rejoice with me this holy day that you will come to hold in utmost sanctity within your hearts—the day of our Lord. Our Sovereign chose to be born as a helpless child upon your little world to show as a man among men the Light, the Truth, the Way. Always within your hearts in this Way, this Truth, this Light, alive. This generation is to know again the thrill of seeking, of finding, of revealing God, indeed, as men among men.


OUR MASTER : Our Love is a pure Love, our Truth is a beacon to those who have become lost. Our Beauty is growing in the revelation of Me. Give glory unto our Father, remember, remember Me that all may know Me, mat all may come to Me, that I may comfort them. Rejoice and forever be exceedingly happy. Enter my Kingdom and find those lost sheep for Me. Blessings upon you. Rejoice and go in peace.