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Topic: Honesty

Group: York TeaM


Teacher: El Tanere

TR: Min Hoet



Most Holy Greetings. I am El Tanere.


I greet you this evening with great pleasure and anticipation. Tonight is very special for all of you. It is the beginning for you are now teachers of God. Teachers of God must have faith. Teachers of God must have trust. You say the word trust often, but do you really know what trust means? To come to the highest of trust, there is lots of giving up to do. Your receiver gave a lesson on forgiveness tonight and that is part of it. You must forgive, but what you need to forgive is everything and especially yourselves. What you need to give up is even more important to learn. When Jesus said, “Give up all and follow me,” it is immediately thought to mean give up all your material things and that is not what it means. To give up all means give up all that has no value. This could be difficult because now you will have to determine what is value and what is valueless.

And I feel almost certain that at this time, your minds are on material things, tangible. That is not so. You do not have to give up those things. You give up what you don’t want and keep what you want. What you don’t want is anger and fear, resentment, hate, and bitterness, jealousy, intolerance, judgmental attitudes, guilt, unforgiving natures. Learn to give those things up for they have no value at all. They serve no purpose. And when you give those up, then you attain this total trust, then what is valuable, you know honestly.

Honesty is not necessarily what you say. Honesty is the consistency of what you think, say, and do. Let all your thought, words, and deeds be in agreement for then you are in the Father’s will. Do not think one thing and do another. Do not say one thing and do another. That is honesty. Total agreement in thought, word, and deed. An honest person can not be judgmental. You can not judge another. It is impossible. Just know that and believe that, for each one of you have an indwelling within you a fragment of the same Spirit and it is of a love that in no way could you comprehend. This love is enough for all that has ever been, all that ever was, all that is, and all that ever will be. This is how great the Father’s love is– covering the entire universe of universes.

The fragment of the Father spirit that dwells within you is that love. And that love is the same in everyone. So you see, you are all the same. There can be no judgment. It is impossible. If you believe that, it will be so. When you know with certainty the outcome, the result, you are happy, you have no fear. There the outcome, the result, your are happy, you have no fear. There is joy and that is faith.

Faith is knowing and believing and knowing the end result. It may not even be in your life time, but that faith must believe and know the end result will be the right one. That is faith. The receiver’s personal teacher has said that you are to be called “Commandos”. And I like that. Hence forth, you will be known as the Commandos! You are teachers of God.

Learning is perception, perception is learning. Learn to perceive and perceive to learn. Listen, listen, always . . . .

I charge you with the care of one another in abiding love, as Jesus loves you. My dear ones all, each one of you will be permitted, if you wish I will transmit through anyone who wishes to receive me. This receiver (Minay) is an easy receiver. She has been attuned and encircuited and adjusted for just this purpose. Be generous to one another and to all men. And again being generous is not giving away what you have– give what you want.

The only thing that you can truly give away and get back is God’s love. That is a truth. Be gentle and kind. Be gentle and kind. Be gentle and kind, and understand, learn to understand, learn to understand. The light energy of the Father fills your very being and the Father’s love fills you to the top. Know the power of the Father’s protection and be aware that His presence is always there.


The Father is near. I am away.