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Topic: Kindness

Group: At Large


Teacher: Aaron

TR: Unknown



I send you greetings. I am Aaron. I am here tonight to speak with a group, a large group.

You look around and say, "How can this be for we are only two.", but when you expand your perception and your view you realize that there is much here within this room that you cannot see with the eye, but you can feel them. Your angels, midwayers, hosts of teachers, from seraphic guidance, to ascenders, even to the Sons. So yes this is a large group and any time you come, gladly will we speak.



Tonight I would speak about kindness. This is a variable which plays a large role in your life, both on the receiving and the giving end.

To give kindness is easy. People make it hard. Truly it always feels good to do nice for another.

There is material kindness in financial support and the giving of gifts. There is spiritual kindness in the friendship, in the touch to console, in laughter, in the smiles.

When you walk through your day and it seems rough, nothing going right for you, how often can the simple acknowledgment from another, or the phone call, or the wave, make you realize that it is not so bad after all, and that truly life is a gift?

My call to you today is to learn the ways you can show kindness to others. It is part of your life, but this message is for everyone to learn more extensively. As feelings are shared and as the hopes are lifted through kindness, then in energy will the attitudes be lifted up.

I have spoken about giving kindness, but still you must remember that sometimes the most difficult thing to do is to allow kindness to be given to you, to allow that love in, that support, that sharing, to let the egos go and realize they are only defense mechanisms. When you see beyond to those who are willing to share with you, the freedom you feel—the uplift, will be tremendous. It will be as though you have shed a heavy winter coat that has grown soggy.

It is a freedom to be in peace and love with others, without concern for self. Importance comes away from you when you give to others, but again do you feel important and needed when you are given to.

So I ask you to see the truth in kindness, and giving, not as an obligation, but from the heart, truly from within, and to see this opportunity increase in your life.

I would accept questions if you have any this evening.



A: Aaron, would it be a kindness if we were to expand out into the community and look for those to bring into this awareness? Are we doing them a kindness in presenting what we have to share with them?

Aaron: Most assuredly in your outreach can you bring people to this mission growth. It is a learning, it is a school for group understanding yourself and others in your relationships with the universe.

A: Is there any guidance Aaron that you can give us in how to go about speaking with those that would be receptive to our mission?

Aaron: The first step is to let down your defenses, to realize that you may have to risk being shunned in order to share the light with someone else. Realize that you can observe and see the signs when someone is searching and seeking, and when you hear them speak of this desire, you can send them my way and to the mission here which Michael has established.

They may not come and this does not always feel good, especially to the ego, for it is always the desire for one to believe the way that you do, but if you take seriously the fact that you can make a difference and direct the seeking souls to this revelation, this book, and this outreach here, they will come, even if one in a hundred, for when you seek out you will find those of like purpose.

Does this answer you?

A: Yes Aaron, thank you. I have no further questions.

Aaron: How are you feeling?

A: I am happy

Aaron: I see you working extensively in many areas and sometimes I wonder if you take enough time for you personally.

A: As of late I have had several responsibilities. I try to find time, but it's also hard.

Aaron: In your willingness you will be given, and when you search for truth you will always know. In this realm, time is a factor, but it will not always be so.


I thank (your for) your inquiries this evening. Take the time within your group here to share your thoughts and your ideas for this coming together. As you make this available it will secure a base and you will see that more will come. There are evangels out there working even now to bring more to this purpose.

A: We'll try and do that.

Aaron: I would thank you for your time this evening and allow you the time to study your book.

See that there is much in giving for you to do and now as our friends are doing with Elyon, so may you choose here to join in, to this effort to aid those less fortunate.

See the ways to be kind and see the ways to allow that kindness in. I bid you goodnight.