1993-10-11-Cause and Effect

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Topic: Cause and Effect

Group: At Large


Teacher: Aaron

TR: Unknown



Service, Mercy

I am Aaron. Hello. In the pattern of universe relationships there is a constant progressing of the evolving circumstance which precedes the causation of effects. Really, truly, to understand situational ethics, you must see the causes which bring about the circumstance, for when you can sit in view of another's life happenings, then you can see why one responds negatively to a positive reach. Then can you come to understand the mercy aspects of behavior.

Take a man who has been fed little, has been clothed by what he steals, who eats by what he can scrounge about for, who lives where he can sit peacefully for a time until one comes to shoo them aside from their place to go to another. When you come upon this man, you may see that he is given to the inclination of defensiveness, that he may steal from you if given an opportunity, that he may fight with you for something he perceives as a necessity, which you may only see as a luxury. When you can realize that this man has a lack of understanding values for the responding to your charity, then you can see why he must feel your love even more than if you gave it casually.

Now I see that you may want to aid the desperate--the homeless, the poverty stricken—by offering the material necessities—clothes, blankets. Realize first when doing such kindness for your fellow brothers and sisters that you must see what they truly need more than any money, food, clothing, or shelter. They need someone to care, to offer a hand in caring. Caring alone with no action will not solve their despair.

You must become hands on when you deal for the aid of the spiritual brotherhood. A shirt on the back will not bring the spirit to a man that is desolate. A shirt, a warm cup of coffee, a nice sleep in safety, and a hand that is willing to be bitten, that reaches out to touch with love, genuinely concerned and helpful, this is what the hopeless need. For if you can take ten minutes and speak kindly, considerately and truly, not at, but with one of these heartbroken souls, then you may rekindle something that may have been misplaced for a time.

Take this encouragement to begin your outreach in helping those in despair. Believe that you can make a difference and yes, bring the material goodness to aid these spiritually sheltered and materially unsheltered souls, but go beyond to the second mile, to the third mile. Speak of them as your friend. Learn their beliefs. Understand their pain. Reach with dignity in offering. Command your respect to them. To be self-serving is only to be blind to another's need, for when you give in self you cannot see what another needs. You can only see what your self needs.

Take off the blinders. Begin to see that your service will mean so much to those when you offer it, sincere and heartfelt. Take this opportunity to become more familiar with your fellow man, for truly it is very easy to speak of the spirit with those who believe and are comfortable to have the opportunity to believe, but when you signed on for this duty, for this calling, you knew, you wanted, and we realized, that your true efforts as a group and as individuals was to come to aid those who needed the uplift, not those already uplifted. As the saying goes, "You cannot save a man who has already been saved." so spend the time to attempt to bring spiritual prosperity to those who truly are lacking the fire they so desperately need and want.

I feel you have taken tremendous steps as a group to realize the potential for your giving. I would ask of you to see and to make real those possibilities you are becoming engaged in now, but beyond becoming a stranger who is passing in the night, you may find that you can give out a little more time to knowing and loving those who truly need your love. I know this of you, that you are capable. You just need the motivation, and when you understand that in your circle you have many with like desires, then you will understand the motivation to be real and to be pursued.

I listen to your questions this evening.


Competition, Ego

B: Hi Aaron. I behaved less than admirably today in my emotions during our football game. How can I be less controlled by my ego.

Aaron: You really have a hard time losing and your plans are set in a certain manner so if they're disrupted, you become unbalanced. If this unbalancing happens, you have the capability of becoming loose with your remarks and your anger.

Try harder to work as a unit when you play, for the true goal of competition is not so much to win, though this is fun, but to see how and in what ways and manners you can become a working unit, almost one arm reaching, for as you can come to know the reactions and movements, the feelings of those in your life, then you will feel much more satisfaction in knowing that you work, that you click, that you move together.

Ego must be set aside, though difficult at times. It is a continuous battle for all at this existence level. You did make extreme gestures, but at the same time you know how to rectify and become more considerate and understanding in the future, to bring your occurrence of these situations to a different light, more positive. Does this answer you?

B: Yes it does Aaron. I really appreciate your lesson tonight. It guided me well. I'll continue to try to be as knowing as I can be of this. Thank you.

Fear, Doubt

Aaron: I know you still have your doubts as to all of your understanding. Fear not. This understanding will grow and you will see with clearer and clearer vision what has been set before you.

I know you have a sincere desire and I commend that desire. I know you have a fear and a wavering at times. I admonish that fear and wavering to become more in tuned to that desire which is your leading from your Father.

When you find your fears and doubts in the company of your Father's desire, most often you will realize that this will melt away and become nothing but a facade in the wake of the reality of God.

So when you doubt turn to Him. When you fear, turn to him. Has it not always been in your favor when you have done so? In all your pivotal moments and your cornerstones, you can look back and find that your central figure of movement was done in correspondence to your reaching for truth to your Father.


Take heart that you know what is right for you and take this time to be with him. He knows you. Now you must know him. Thank you. Goodnight.