1993-10-30-Michael Heads This Mission

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Topic: Michael Heads This Mission

Group: Unknown


Teacher: Aaron

TR: Unknown



When there is a project of giving such as the enablement which is foreseen before you, then you can feel prompted to engage in bringing forth the realities of this endeavor. You feel the truth of the propulsion which is pushing you forth to understand the ministry which you can hold within you and among you all.

In your deliverance of understanding, you can be sure that you are giving from the depths of love that your Father has offered for you. There is no love given that is not of the Father's will. All guidance and love of a sincere nature are truly enveloped within His graciousness and His majesty.

Take forth your understanding to bring about a new change in attitudes, to bring about a living of the life of Christ the way He has shown, to live within the means of society, but within the full realm of His Father's will. Christ took time to hear His Father's guidance, and He listened forth to the understanding which played to Him from the universal broadcasts.

It is no change here in your understanding of this mission outreach. Only need you understand that Christ Michael heads this ministry from the beginning until the end. To believe that this is right for you and for all who would come to live the way of Christ Michael.

It is your privilege as a believer in God, in Christ, and in this ministry, to go forth and proclaim your love and understanding of this message, the simple message of love to the Father, of love to Michael, that the children of this world are all within the Father's realm of possibility. By faith you can grasp what this reality is all about, that each and every one who would turn to this understanding of the Father's will is worthy to be held in the highest esteem as a universal possibility.

It is sure that you will not always be dealt the kindest hand. Sometimes you may think that there is a conspiracy against your life's dreams, but sit back, realize that you are on a road of discovery, that some of your goals, though worthwhile, may not be attainable at this level within your Father's realm of purpose for you. This is understood,—that there is a mastery that can be attained in following the most proper course of understanding.

There will be a day when you will see the reality of your pursuits and the possibilities of your worthwhile attainments re-engaged at another level, but understand now that you must decide your course and know that options are many, but all are not attainable here.

With one course, loses another, but truly you will gain by deciding a purpose, an effort, and a real intent to engage your Father's love and Michael's understanding to bring forth upon this land, this world Urantia, the message of Christ, the truth of Christ, the spirit of Christ attainable in a mortal understanding. This is not a far off goal to be understood in some future time, that Michael, Jesus Christ of Urantia, the Father of all who live on this sphere, can play a major part in every life that would choose to ask Him forth, not unseen, not beyond the grasp of your understanding, but within the realm of discovery within the purpose of each life. He will speak. He will listen, He will guide to the Father. It is for everyone to know this truth.

It seems glorious that you may have it now, but when you -3 look forward to what you can do with your knowledge, with your truth, understand how important it is that everyone needs to be let in on the message.

Yes, there will be those that shun and look down upon your endeavors. This cannot be your interest or worry. Only must you send forth the message of Michael to your fellows, regardless of reaction. Feel less for your self needs and more for your fellow's needs.

You have the assurance of salvation. Does the person next to you? Does your sister, your brother, your father, your mother, your friend, and even the strangers whom you meet along j the way? Do they have the understanding of the Father and His love, and Michael's love? This is for you to see and go upon. This is the way that you can be of service to Michael's cause.

There are many groups within this mission outreach. All have a purpose. Yours among many groups, has the enablement to express the love of Michael in many different forms and manners. There is a strong Christ base within your group of believers and with this established understanding and enhanced enlightenment you may find that you can be of benefit in bringing forth the truth of Christ to a movement that has shadowed it, and to those who have most need for it . . . .

This is your goal. There is no other way to express this to you "tout straightforward and with the highest encouragement that I can muster. It is a day that is coming where everyone must hear the truth of Michael's call.

Where anyone can be swept away in the rush of daily living, more importantly must they find a branch, an outstretched arm, a hand., to bring them out from their rush downstream before the waterfall of materialism, into the light of Michael's truth, and by now all you believers should know that that truth is the universal Father's truth, for one is the perfect representation to this universe, of the Father in Heaven.

An apostle serves their master with everything they have, with every ounce of strength and energy, with every resource, with every opportunity. They will risk disrespect of their fellows. They will risk the loss of all possession, they will risk all, if need be, to make sure that everyone knows the truth of the Master's call.


I am part of this world enlightenment and I am very gracious in my outlook towards your endeavors. It is part of your duty to go forward and stand up and deliver your understanding from the heart to your brothers and sisters. Take this forward.

I am your Melchizedek companion. It will not be long before the name is known with assurance.