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Topic: Faith

Group: Arcadia TeaM


Teacher: JarEl

TR: Hal



JarEl: Good evening this is JarEl. Welcome to this practice session.

Group: Welcome Jarel.

JarEl: For our opening prayer. May the power of God protect you. The love of God enfold you, each and every one. The presence of God is with you at all times.


I would like to touch on the subject of faith tonight. Faith is the essence of the mission. The key to spiritual life. There are many teachers here to listen and to observe. Faith is the key to the kingdom of heaven. The complete faith, the complete turning over of your will to the will of the Father. Complete belief. Complete knowing of the Father and His creation. Faith is that that is down deep in your basic nature, You learn and develop faith through the stillness, talking to the Father and allowing Him to guide your life. He is ever anxious to be your guide if you but open the door for Him. Faith comes from practice.

It is indeed a pleasure to witness the faith of this group. As has been said you are agondonters, believing without seeing. This is the start of the great journey, the great experience of striving and learning and journeying to the Father. It is a glorious experience ahead beyond your comprehension.

It is indeed exciting to witness the growing and enlarging of the faith of the entire planet. To observe the thousands and thousands of people beginning to acknowledging and recognize the Father. This is the essence of the era of Light and Life, a faith and belief of all peoples on Urantia. This is the challenge of the mission to spread this faith so that it will grow and widen ever and ever like a pebble in the water the ripple that extends out ant out. This is your challenge to be a pebble for the Father everyplace you go. Starting ripples that spread to areas that you could never know.


We need practice to deepen the faith to the point of it being the total essence of your being. As we have said many times the stillness is the entrance to this faith. Each one must work on his own life, his own destiny, his own spiritual growth. As you grow spiritually everyone around you grows spiritually, even those that do not acknowledge it. So let us all practice daily the stillness to deepen our faith and to grow spiritually. This is our goal. You have made great progress, continue it until you become a most brilliant light shining from this planet.