1995-03-13-Personal Agendas

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Topic: Personal Agendas

Group: Woods Cross TeaM


Teacher: Abraham

TR: Nina



I am with you. I am ABRAHAM. I am happy to be here again this week. Many ideas and suggestions have you discussed regarding this Monday night meeting. This week I ask you, the group, to think on subjects that might be of interest to you as a group. Groups, personalities, vary from city to city, state to state. What might be needed here in this group might not be needed or desired by another group. You all know each other fairly well.


Perhaps you desire some help on a certain subject. We teachers ask that you discuss topics that may be of interest to you personally. Also, we ask you to consider, to ponder over your inner feelings on the present group format. Is it your true desire that I or we teach here to you weekly? Our intent is not to force this on you. Our present intent is to minister to you each individually and collectively.

Our desire now is to teach you, your group. It is not meant for your teachings to go to others who might not understand or have the close communication that you have between you. One way or another every person will receive their own personal lessons. You will receive your own personal lesson with or without me. Is it your true desire for these teachings to continue? Please discuss this at a convenient time.

If teachings are so desired, I would ask you to then look within to your souls needs. Perhaps there is a subject I can further enlighten you on. I do not make it my business to read your minds, and to discuss group desires brings you closer together mindally and spiritually. This is your opportunity to look within to receive help where it is needed, but I say, this is for you who come here.

I would like to say a few words regarding personal agendas. Motives can be un-intentionally selfish. They can come up behind you without warning. Although, it is not your intention to be selfish. Sometimes your secret agenda may slip in unknowingly. Although it may be your intention to do Father’s will, your underlying wants may interrupt the flow of communication from Father.

This does not mean you are bad or backwards or regressing. You see, this is understood. This is natural. This underlying personal agenda may hinder you in your spiritual path. Therefore, I ask you to look closely and honestly at your true inner feelings and motives. Be not too hard on yourself. There is nothing wrong with inner desires and feelings.

I ask you to lay these inner feelings into Father’s hands and wait on Him. Father knows your heart and your path that you must travel. So I say, look honestly at your personal agenda. Give it to the Father and know that nothing is hidden from Father. Therefore, be also honest with yourself. When making decisions, ask yourself, “what are my true intentions”? “Am I in accordance with Father’s will”?

If the Master were sitting with you face to face like the apostles long ago, what would be His words of wisdom to you? What words of my friend/brother, Ham, may surface in your mind? Worry not about hidden selfish intentions, for now you have the ability to recognize them and lay them in Father’s hands.


I remind you to discuss my proposal. I will be in touch. Next week we may answer a few questions. Until next week, shalom