1995-06-18-Sticking To It

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Topic: Sticking To It

Group: Tallahassee TeaM


Teacher: Will

TR: JoiLin


First meeting of the smaller Teaching Mission group. We had a guest from Sherbrooke, Canada, Armand Pare.



Michael: Greetings, my children, it is I Michael, your father/brother, who loves you.

I open my arms and draw you all within; you who are committed to this work we are about. All of my children are loved equally, yet some are more drawn to this path and for that there is much joy in my heart. Your discussion a moment ago, fell on our ears as the sweetest balm - you are indeed opening like flowers to the sun! Reach out to one another my children, through your open hearts and allow my love to fill you and work through you. For the glory of heaven will soon be seen upon this earth.

Know always that you are indeed, supported, nurtured, and loved beyond any love you have ever conceived. Your way is opening before you and will easily be seen in days to come. Open your eyes my children - open your eyes. Know that all you need will be given.

Your mother is here with me and would speak with you as well.

Nebadonia: Greetings my beloved children! You fill my heart with such joy! Come to me when you have need of nurturing, I am here with my arms open wide to receive you. I am more accessible to you now than ever before. Allow me to give you a mother's love - know that I feel all of your sorrow - all of your despair and would wipe the tears from your eyes - would you but let me! Recognize beloveds, that you who walk this path, walk toward a destiny, the like of which has not been seen on this world before. The love you have for one another will become the foundation from which will spring the love you will extend to your brothers and sisters, through your open heart. Feed this foundation, nurture it - strengthen it. Know always that you are loved and supported in all that you do. Help is always but a breath away - reach out for us - we are here. Your Father and I shower you with our blessings and our appreciation for your commitment. I leave you now with my heart overflowing with my love for you. Shalom.

Will: The love of God surrounds us. The power of God upholds us. The majesty of God shines down upon us, and feeds us with His Light, with His Love. Wherever we gather, He is.

Greetings, my dear ones, it is I Will, your teacher who loves you.



We will dispense with a formal lesson this evening, and talk instead, a bit about what it is you are about. You are to be commended for your commitment - for your stick-to-it-tiveness - for your willingness to step out on this path with dedication of purpose. You who begin now with this sense of purpose, will attract many in the days to come. There will yet be those from your group who will again be attracted to you for the fragrance that permeates the environment you become a part of. You are such lights! And know it not! You even now fulfill much of your role in this Mission without recognizing that you do so. When your hearts are open, so much of the Father's love is able to flow out from you, to those you reach out to. You have no idea of the power you hold within you and through your open heart, allow to move out. A simple smile, when it comes from your heart, allows this movement from the Father - through you - to them. Recognize this beloveds, consciously recognize this and begin to more actively reach out to your brothers and sisters. This will be where we will put our effort over this next week, or until we meet again. Every person that moves into your arena of life - look at them through your open heart - allow the Father access to them, through you. It is probably the most loving thing that you can do to push this movement beyond this beginning stage.

Know always how much you are appreciated. As Nebadonia suggested, I also ask you to begin building these bonds beyond the superficial - build them beloveds. You will one day be called upon to support each other on the level of a true family - unconditionally. When one is hurt or in trouble, the other members move in together, to support and uphold. This is the pattern we would have you strive for in this group.


That is all I have to say this evening. Know always - we are here, loving and supporting - waiting for you to reach out - recognize this as you go through your week. Reach out for Michael's hand, it -is- there for you. Shalom.