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Topic: Miracles

Group: Woods Cross TeaM


Teacher: Abraham

TR: Nina



With all the discussions going on lately I thought this might be helpful to consider: Part of Abraham's lesson on August 14, 1995.


The definition of miracles to mortals may be somewhat aggrandized. Many are looking for much more spectacular occurrences. Many wait and expect these grand miracles and their expectations are dashed, leaving them with small holes in their blanket of faith.

I have witnessed many grand events and I learned to neither hope for them or expect them to happen. I learned to take them with an attitude of worshipfulness of our marvelous Father. This is not to say grand and extraordinary events will not occur. This is to say the small steps in your spiritual growth should be met with a rejoicing attitude and a word of thanks upon your lips.

Many ask in this mortal life where lies the joy? Is this life a constant burden? Where do I search for joy in this mortal existence? I say to you, your joy is right here with you. It is the recognition that your Indwelling Monitor has finally broken through the wall of animalistic tendencies and was able to reach your mortal mind. In the small changes you note in your demeanor, the small positive changes, is where your joy lies, for then to see these changes is to recognize that your understanding of the Father's teachings are reality. This witnessing of small changes in yourself is to believe that God lives within and what you have learned is real and what you believe is real. This is a most dynamic feeling to know that your cup of faith is full and overflowing.

I was where you are and I know there is no stronger joy than to be one full with faith. Upon recognizing ones faults or character flaws this should be a moment to rejoice and praise God for He has reached for you and you reached back. He called you and you answered by your undesired character flaw recognition. To realize a shortcoming is not to be a moment of self-chastisement . It is a moment to be joyful and say, yes, I understand. This is my definition of a miracle.

The Master tried to persuade the apostles He was not on the Earth to perform miracles or seek self-aggrandizement. The apostles never did relinquish their hopes for miracles and the Kingdom of God coming in great glory. It is true today, the Master will not perform miracles, spectacular events, just to gain the faith of His children. I say the glorious events are small, but no less important, for it is the small happenings that will usher in Light and Life on this world. It is important not to overlook the small spiritual growth progressions, for you may also overlook the joy that lies therein. I say this is truly meaningful and gratifying to recognize this joy, for your Indwelling Fragment also knows and shares this joy with you.

Perhaps the re-establishment of the Kingdom here on Earth will not come in great glory and spectacular events, but I say, the will of our Father in Heaven reigns supreme over the management of a universe. It is the human will we find challenging, for it is the human will that accepts or denies assistance from the spiritual hosts. Build not your expectations of a grand and visually brilliant occurrences to suddenly appear. If you truly desire to do the will of the Father in Heaven, then your expectations are whatever Father wills---I accept and support, then can you protect your blanket of faith to remain intact. I do not state that this life is just an existence of drudgery. I say, yes, with God all things are possible and we might be careful not to overlook the small miracles in our lives.