1995-10-16-Trusting Father To Lead

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Topic: Trusting Father To Lead

Group: Woods Cross TeaM


Teacher: Abraham

TR: Nina




I am ABRAHAM. I welcome each of you here tonight. I am touched by the outpouring of spirit here. I am feeling very much at home. I thank you. I ask you, did anything happen during the week to help you understand and deal with the injustices that are so apparent in your world? As these injustices continue on through your time, more of you learn that it is extremely difficult to be a fair judge of truth. Many will perhaps learn that the judging is better off left to those on High. It is difficult to judge a situation or an event you are not directly involved in. At times it is more effective to turn ones judgments over to Father and request a clean and clear mind.

In your history, as tribes began to form as families and groups began to take shape, there has always been a question in the minds of those within each unit. That question being, who shall lead us? Whom shall we follow? In earlier times it was the strongest, physically strongest, that would head the tribes. As time moved on it became the elders of certain groups, being they had much life experience and seemingly much wisdom. As time moved on those that would lead a group would be the one who brought to the group the material goods, which more than likely was the men. Yes, it always appeared that the masses would inquire... “whom shall we follow? Who will guide us in our earthly struggles?

Over the last three decades this world has been truly disillusioned. It is becoming more and more clear to the human race that you can not depend on a mortal to lead without being disappointed in one way or another. In this world is there one man with whom you can trust with all your heart to help see you through your earthly struggles? Is there one woman so righteous that you would put your faith and trust in to ease your worried hearts and minds? You are in the realization that your own government is not fully understanding you as a member of society. It seems there is always someone who asks.. “who will lead us?” On the other hand, there are those that proclaim... “I am most qualified... I shall lead the masses.”

Within all this searching for those fellow brothers and sisters, there is one who is not thought of as being a proper leader in worldly affairs. This leader, He is not seen with human eyes. He does not go from town to town courting His voters. He does not make promises He can’t keep. And yet, this leader He dwells within your very being. He understands you more completely than you understand yourself.

It is time this planet wakes and turns its trust over to those that created the very planet they inhabit. Never shall you find a leader more capable of understanding your human situations. It is up to each individual to discover the source of all love lies within. The answers to all questions are within. All the guidance anyone will ever need is within. To put your faith and trust into your mortal counterparts is to be disappointed over and over again.

To trust and look to Father for leadership is to give Father back this world, to give Father back His children who have seemingly been lost.I do not say, don’t trust your fellow brothers and sisters. I do not say, don’t follow your human laws. I do not say, your leadership is totally inadequate. I say, it is time as a people to raise your heads and look to our Father first in all things.

I do say your human leadership is needed, and if assigned to those God seeking individuals, this world would just sail so smoothly upon the waters of Light and Life, with the breathtaking sunset before you and the past problems behind you.

Yes, this world is learning quite fast who is really in control of the universe. Someday soon, I can see families gathered. They are in thought about a certain situation that needs to be decided upon. I see this family, they ask the one who is at the head of their table, their Paradise Father. A few questions?


C.: Is it a permissible thing soon to be more aware of that portion of our government, or is it a long time down the road?

ABRAHAM: Not too long.

Most Highs

J.: Abraham, what is meant by the phrase, "the Most Highs rule the kingdoms of men?”[1]

ABRAHAM: I am uncertain about your question. Could you elaborate?

J.: Yes. The statement that "the Most Highs rule in the kingdoms of men," [2] seems to suggest that there is a spiritual force that somehow has things under control on this world when it comes to...I take it to mean national affairs, governmental affairs, mortal kingdoms, nations, and so forth. To look at the way its being run doesn’t look too good with all the wars and mismanagement that seem to pervade our world down here. So it is hard for me to understand how we can be assured us that these kingdoms are ruled by the Most Highs, spiritual beings way above us.

ABRAHAM: First and foremost, God is in complete control of His universes. That shall always be so. It is more a matter of mortal free will that slows your so needed assistance. It is a battle for the position with the most glory and honor among mortals. It matters not to Father the time frame. It only matters to mortals. If men shall decide not to accept our assistance, then shall we wait and pray and hope for the next generation. Those on High rule the kingdom of God. It is their desire for each child to join this kingdom and make it their own. Your assessments are correct. It is only a matter of mortal free will decision as to when those on High will assist them. We know that more and more of Father’s children are calling out for Him. I say soon it will be a call that all will make and the majority of the world will allow those on High to make their kingdom God’s kingdom. Does this help? (Yes, thanks.)


HN.: Abraham, if you could, I would like you to address drug addiction, and if there is something that would be more helpful, a message to give to someone or for someone like myself to help someone who is? A friend is having a real troublesome time with this. Is there a message that I could say or do?

ABRAHAM: I truly wish there was one sentence I could give you to help those chemically addicted, but there is only one way for an addictive personality to survive. They must ask God to invade their soul, mind. They must be brought down to their knees mentally, emotionally. They must fully realize, I can not accomplish a true recovery without God and His hosts of spiritual assistance. This searching for mind altering experiences or escaping harsh earthly realities is temporarily induced by these chemicals, when what people really search for is true and lasting love.

There is not any one thing you can really say other than to lend your support and love. It is up to the individual. The individuals who have survived much trauma, much heartache, are more than likely to overcome addiction, to truly cloak themselves in the blanket of faith that is woven with trust. Those that are the truly strong will overcome. Those that are not confident in their abilities, or seek an easy way, will face truly traumatic times ahead.

Reassure them that they are children of God and truly deserve to be loved and accepted just the way they are. It matters not what they have done. It only matters that they can survive through the day ahead.

I would admonish you to remain emotionally detached if you can. To feel another's pain is quite normal. To cry with another is good, but there is a time you must stop and reveal your inner strength. The only way to reveal this inner strength is to remember who you are. You are not them. Remain detached emotionally, but attached spiritually. I have no doubt you are quite a blessing to those who are in this situation. You are very effective in your efforts, but once again I say, the real effort to be free from addiction must come from that person who is addicted.

C.: Which is worse a drug addiction, as her friend has, or a "trusting in man" addiction as you have described in your lesson and that the country is in right now? Which is easier to break?

ABRAHAM: That’s a hard one. Drug addiction, alcoholism, any sort of physical addiction is very much difficult to overcome rather than societal habits. Yes, physical addiction goes much deeper than the physical. But I say to you, C., just as you have been disillusioned by one source of religion, so will others be assisted in acknowledging that the light of God is within their very being.


If there are no more questions, I would like to extend my love and gratitude to you as part of my family. I hope to further assist you in your liberty from the traditions that bind you. Until next week, shalom