1996-06-21-Understanding Self, Planting Seeds

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Topic: Understanding Self, Planting Seeds

Group: Tallahassee TeaM


Teacher: Ambrose, Alphonso, Will

TR: Unknown



Ambrose: Greetings friends, it is I Ambrose, he who loves you. I wish to welcome our guest this evening.

Welcome child. It pleases us that you have found your way to our small group. The hearts within this room are all opened to take you in.



Each of you, as you continue to walk this path, will increasingly find yourselves in situations such as those described by many of you this evening. We are indeed, experiencing increased activities from our side as well as from your own. Paying attention to the nudges you receive, both the inner nudges and the outer nudges, puts you in a place to further the Father’s work, and this we know you have committed to do. Yet we also know that we are dealing with humans who ofttimes allow themselves to become sidetracked. Procrastination is much easier than action, and yet we also know that you are each aware that these things can become patterns in your lives. We ask you to look again at these patterns. Understanding self is often the key to understanding others, as well as the key to putting your feet back once again upon this path.


In the heat of the Summer we are often more likely to move away from increased activity and yet this is what we encourage you to do. We promise that the end result will be invigorating, as invigorating as a splash in a cool pool. For as we become more and more connected to the currents of love that flow to us from the Father and back to us from one another, we are indeed bathed and fed on the deepest of levels. Many are beginning to recognize within their hearts an increase in desire, leading them into new avenues of activity. All who will, across this world, are being asked to increase both their receptivity, their commitment, their level of activity. Much indeed is afoot, yet can come to fruition only through the efforts of those like yourselves that do more than listen. Listening is easy, activity takes conscious effort and we appreciate your own increased activities. The enthusiasm witnessed here, this evening, is catching, is like a fire that ignites others. And this enthusiasm has now once again, begun to blow across this land, catching the hearts and filling them with desire to find the Father and step out on this path toward their individual destinies. We encourage you to continue as you have this past week. Continue to stay open to the whispered words of the Father within and the physical nudges of those who surround you and attempt to lead you in His direction. We would encourage you to continue with the visualization upon waking, that of reaching for the Father’s hand and seeing Him grasp your own. Carry this vision within your mind and heart throughout your day, and when you recognize that the vision has faded, reinstate it within your mind, and reach again for His hand, feeling Him grasp your own, and -know- dear students that it -is- so! For He does indeed walk beside you and is very active in each of your lives. Know always how blessed and loved you are; how delighted we are to participate in each of your lives. I would encourage you once again to continue to work with your individual teachers and call on any of us, for we are accessible to all who call. Until next week take my love with you. Shalom.

All: Shalom.

T/R #2


Alphonso: Greetings students, seekers of Light, care givers, this is Alphonso. I would like you to visualize this world as a garden. There are many acres that are plowed. Rows and rows. Some planted, some still to be planted. Each of you has with you a bag of seeds and a watering can. As you wake, you walk into the fields. Where you see sprouts, you give them water, where there are unplanted rows, you carefully plant the seeds. It is a joyful activity. One that does not provide immediate satisfaction, but yet, each of you can see that by your activities you are furthering the progress of the garden. And as the days go by, and the seedlings begin to sprout, they turn toward the Father’s light shining down upon them. The plants are nurtured, cared for, encouraged, and each of them begins to open up until the fruits become apparent. This analogy is being played out on this planet today. As you walk through life you are given opportunities to plant seeds and more and more so you are doing that. And those you encounter are more and more ready to speak to you of spiritual matters. This is not just a coincidence, it is part and parcel of the spiritual pressure and gravity that is being increased upon this planet. The people are ready, and from all walks of life, from all religious denominations, amidst all the diversities, each person is endowed with a fragment of the Father, and each person is more and more being led to open and blossom to show the fruits of the spirit. I called you caretakers in my opening remarks and indeed you are. You’ve been given the opportunity and responsibility to be conduits for the Father’s love as you pass by. You never know when a seed planted will sprout, or a plant nurtured will bloom, and yet, as you know, the act is yours, the consequence is God’s. You will be the catalyst in many other people’s paths, perhaps they in your’s. It is a dynamic process and one that will ultimately lead this world to Light and Life. As the pebble is dropped in the pond, so do the ripples spread out until they lap the shore. Continue with your daily acts of kindness to those you encounter. Continue to seekthe Father’s will in all you do. At each point of decision select the path with the most love in it, for your demeanor and your example will influence more people than you can imagine. Thank you for your participation; we encourage your active involvement. The Father’s light shines down upon you all, and upon all on this world. This is Michael’s mission; it shall not fail. Shalom.

All: Shalom.

T/R # 1

Will: The love of the Father surrounds us filling our hearts with desire. The beauty of the Father ever leads us closer to Him. The power of the Father upholds us, enfolds us. Wherever we gather, He is.

Greetings beloveds, it is I Will your teacher who loves you. I will not be giving my lesson this evening as the hour grows late, however I did want to add my blessing to this group and my welcome to our guest. Thank you all, once again, for your participation in this Correcting Time.


Know always how loved and blessed you are. Each of you, in your individual lives, have so many blessings from the Father that you have not yet begun to recognize. Dear ones, begin to recognize more readily these gifts of the Father. You will find them in the eyes of your loved ones, in the eyes of the stranger that passes you on the street, in the laughter of the little children, in the blossoms along the path, the sunset, the bird song, the taste of salt when your tears flow, all of these gifts are designed to help bring you closer to Him, through them. Until next week, take my love with you and know that the Father continues to work diligently within each of your hearts. Shalom.

All: Shalom.