1996-08-18-Allow Spirit Manifestation

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Topic: Allow Spirit Manifestation

Group: Tallahassee TeaM


Teacher: Alphonso, Will, Michael

TR: Unknown



Greetings to you all, I am Alphonso and would like to briefly address you. It is such a pleasure to look out among you, a hearty band of adventurers, each committed to provide service to Michael in His quest to transform this planet, the planet of His birth as a mortal. You raise the flag and yet you know not what lies ahead, you step out in faith for you have discerned that love is what we are about. You treasure the uncertainty, revel in the adversity and have committed yourselves to the wonderful mission upon which we have embarked. My heart is filled with joy until it feels that it will burst. We love you all and cherish so much our own opportunities in this mission to be with you as you walk this path in faith and love. What a tremendous adventure it will be and has been. So raise your glasses to our beloved Michael. We who are on the path and have committed to being an example by which others may see the love (lost words) to this mission. All hail Michael and his hearty band of mortals. Shalom.


The love of the Father fills our hearts, our minds, our souls with His ever loving presence. With His divine love are we made whole. In Him lies our strength, for He is the water of life. Wherever we gather He is.


Greetings beloveds, it is I Will, your teacher who does so love you. I would like to extend my greetings, my blessings to our guests this evening. Your presence does indeed add much to our meeting. And to you little one, in following the bidden call, for answering with such courage. We are blessed by all of you who do add your lights, your hearts, your presence to these meetings. Many there are this evening within this room, as well as without. Many are observing as they prepare in their individual ways to participate in Michael’s mission to this your world. I am setting aside the lesson that I had prepared; it had been my intention to allow each of you, to encourage each of you to share with me and all present, your understanding of this mission. The hour grows late and we have a visitor. I will allow Him to close this meeting. And so without further adieu, I give you Michael of Nebadon, our Sovereign.

Greetings, my children. I am Michael, father, brother, friend, companion to you all. My heart expands with the love you each send to me. I thank you and bless you for your presence here, for your participation in this my mission. There are no lost lambs, for all are under my gentle watch care. The hearts of all my children are deeply known to me! And all is as it should be. The Father Himself has His hand on the shoulders of you all. You will know in the deepest possible way what that means in days to come. Open your hearts allowing the spirit to manifest within your lives the truth and the direction that is your destiny alone. For each of you, beloved children, walk a path a little different than your fellows; do not expect to be carbon copies. For you are each created (lost words) as reflections of our Father, and in each of you lives the pattern of your destiny that is even now in process of unfolding. Walk through your days with open hearts and know that I walk with you. Reach for your Mother, for she too is here and available. Begin your days in conscious connection with the Father within and allow Him to lead you on these paths you have accepted. Know how blessed you are, for truly you are the Light workers that will bring this world into the days of Light and Life! Take my love with you and know I am always present, but a call, a whisper away. Shalom.