1996-08-26-The Source of Truth

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Topic: The Source of Truth

Group: Woods Cross TeaM


Teacher: Abraham

TR: Nina



I am ABRAHAM. Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your morontial education. Impressive, yes indeed, your honest and open attitudes are almost like discovery of a lost treasure. Yes, it is entirely permissible to speak honestly without fear of rejection, chastisement or ridicule. This is indeed a focal point of our Mission. You see not the millions of created personalities attempting to liberate themselves from the fetters of judgment. You see not the millions of inhabited worlds putting forth their contribution towards the growth of the Supreme Being. Yes, I say this group is small indeed, but a start it is towards eternal realties. I say this communication between you is a great step towards acquiring those beautiful qualities that the Master Himself held during His sojourn in the flesh.

Regardless of personal interpretations of the day of the celebrated Creator, I say to label it successful would be an understatement. Yes, you are unknowing of the many roots that took hold in the soil of faith. I say this is crucial to the growth of our Mission. Our Mission continues slowly, but with unknown strength. This Mission, Michael's Mission, could not now at this point ever be halted or even slowed in any way. Your exhibition of courage to speak forthrightly about your inner personal feelings shows that indeed your hour has come. Spirituality is not a sideline, hobby or for entertainment. Spirituality is real, eternal and now necessary. Do you see this transformation from purely material self-seeking fulfillment to the eternal and sincere care for the whole of the seen as well as the unseen? These spiritual realities are not to be thrown about verbally, but lived in honest effort and devotion to those that created you.

Michael is indeed honored on Urantia, but I declare that Michael is honored from the far reaches of Nebadon. Do you see your part, your connection to Michael and His vast universe, His innumerable legions of helpers? I say think not you hang alone in this universe, set apart, no. You belong to a larger family. I can say not one sphere amounts to any more than another in the eyes of our Creator/Brother/Father, just as you individually are looked upon as all equally valued children. I say your discussion this evening has brought your morontial thoughts out into an authentic useable reality. My friends, this is what we are waiting for, honest, forthright communication tempered with love, consideration, mutual respect. We wait for this on the personal level, group level, planetary and universal level. Do you see this contributes to the growth of the universe as a whole. It is entirely permissible to be at ease to be yourselves.

I say give not authority to man. Give it to the source of all knowledge. Allow freedom for others, for yourselves, to truly believe that you are not beings full of unchangeable faults. You are explorers within a vast universe. Be not a stumbling block upon anothers path, but an assistant to those that are weary. I say you can be the good assistants by relying upon your spiritual vision, see with your Father's eyes, love with your Father's understanding. Fear not the right and wrong of it all. I say the source of all truth blows across your land as an unseen wind that affects the environment, and yet, you are uncertain from which direction He comes.

Michael is a great light in those moments of darkness. I say to really know and experience His person is to become alive with new energy, new understanding, new faith and new joy. Michael desires to know His spirit children, but He shall not force you to know Him. He does not tempt you with rewards. He makes no promises to other than love you without judgment. Knowing you thoroughly, He loves you. I am certain that your planet will be sometime re-introduced to our universe sovereign and I do say this will definitely be noteworthy.


I wish to also give you my love and commitment to our friendship. I express to you my dedication and know that I do not hold the universe secrets, but I can assist you in searching for them. I leave you my love until next week. Shalom.