1996-09-29-Need Not Struggle Alone

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Topic: Need Not Struggle Alone

Group: N. Idaho TeaM


Teacher: Machiventa,Sharmon

TR: Sandy Montee, Ginny, Jonathan, Mary Rogers



Machiventa (Sandy TR): This is Machiventa. The room you are in is very crowded; we hardly have space for any more spirits. Everybody is cheering, and excited. We are so happy that you have been aware of being in the Melchizedek schools.


Sharing, Support

Talking among yourselves is very important, as you can understand; the sharing of stories today has helped everyone. We are here to let you know that you are truly God's children. God is with each of you in every step of the way. You mustn't get so excited with the schools or with our group to exclude God. He is so loving and caring, and as you have shared today about your children, God has hoped and prayed that there was some way that you would listen to Him and go on where you are going now. [? recording unclear]

Please let us help you with your everyday problems and try to get through with our help. You needn't struggle alone. I may foresee a time when you may want to get together in your group another day during the week because the fireworks are just beginning. You have a need for the love and the care of your other group members. The support and unconditional love that is ready for your group among yourselves is monumental. Your spiritual light has come together so strong that it would be very hard for you to exclude God. As you know you must put this together, as God is love. His spirit will take care of your children as well as you. And grace is extended; just let yourself go into her arms.

You are all God's most beautiful children, and we love you so much. You are going so far; just hang on to each other and let it happen.

I must stop now. Thank you.


unidentified (Ginny): You will be dealing more with emotion which is, after all, energy in motion. We hope that you will welcome this lesson in your lives, for it is one particularly characteristic of your planet which is in the process of balancing the act, so to speak, of learning how to deal with energy. We understand it is difficult in some instances, in fact, in most instances to understand the fine art of emotional living when things seem so difficult. In your stillness time, as we hope you will do it everyday, even more than once a day, you can be re- charged with divine guidance through your personal connection with our Father through the Thought Adjuster.

Rejoice when the storms start to rage; you are being presented with an opportunity to decide on the way you choose to handle each situation. You have very little control over another's issues and problems. But you do have control over your response. All is part of evolution. All emotions are valid. All experiences contribute to the evolution of the emotional body which your planet has been assigned?, chosen?, to do.

Acting out of love does not necessarily mean you are wishy- washy. Do you picture our Master as a wishy-washy person? Do you picture him as a loving person? It might be advisable to read again how his human manifestation of love managed his crises. Your teacher and master Michael has intimate understanding of your human condition. He knows it well.

We are, indeed, in the cheering section with you. We understand each one's dilemmas. Do your best. Ask for guidance and trust that we will be there for you.

Ginny: I think this is another E-mail message; it feels like Elyon.

Circuits, Adjustment

Sharmon (Jonathan): This is Sharmon, your friendly midwayer. There are seven assistants, experts in energy adjustments and circuitry, who are here and willing to assist in providing you with adjustments, while you are currently receptive, to aid your mind with receptivity toward many levels of spirit ministry including adjutant function, for it has been decreed by our associated Melchizedeks that your re-keying is due to promote increased ministry capacity and personal ability to negotiate your individual life, for the level of your attainments will necessitate greater teaching and life experiences which will, of necessity, demand these adjustments, that you may be more successful in accomplishing your tasks. Michael underwent these in his retreats. You shall now also partake. Please be in stillness and receptive, for a few minutes as we undergo this process. Thank you. (pause)

Sharmon: I report superconscious registry is accomplished. Your daily situations will trigger conscious reception. Be courageous. Steer clear of avoidance.

Evelyn: laughing Good one, Sharmon!

Sharmon: It does require action to do anything. Thank you for this morning's work. Farewell.

Jonathan: I got, "Hey, that was fun!"


unidentified (Mary): [She stands up and raises her arms.] This is a message on rising up. Oftentimes we as humans imagine God in our center, in the core of our being, deep within us, present. Allow God to come out of hiding from within you, to show up. Take him from this level [indicates the heart] and allow Him - and you may also think of Him as: allow your higher self - to come out of hiding. Ever more often in your day to day situations, allow Him to rise up to the surface, more often to come to the level of your eyes and your mouth and your ears. Hear with your higher self; hear with God's ears. See your life with God's eyes. Rise to the surface; rise up, you and God together.

Sandy: Thank you, God, for allowing me to be your child, to give me this opportunity. I am so thankful for the life you have given me on Urantia. I will try to do my best.

Jonathan: Whatever we can do to share this peace with others who experience turmoil may we be receptive and engaging in Your will.