1996-10-14-Spiritual Maturity

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Topic: Acceptance

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Ophelius

TR: Chris



I am ABRAHAM. Greetings to you each. I am always happy to meet with you.



I would mention tonight's discussion was a prime example of Adjuster expression. You have discussed your innermost heartfelt topics without need for recognition or self-glorification. You have had your discussion with one goal at the forefront of your thinking. That goal is, "Father's will be done." You have each desired to learn all that you can and this is the simple basis for allowing Father to express Himself. None desired to appear mentally or spiritually superior. None desired to pass up their fellows. All were in agreement that to fulfill a hidden agenda would endanger any Father expression and that, my friends, you have indeed outgrown.

You are perhaps coming upon spiritual maturity. In becoming more mature in spirit there is the loss of desire for elitism. There is no longer any desire to appear as a chosen people. In your spiritual maturity you have unified your minds to one everlasting truth that Father's will reigns supreme. In your willingness to relinquish self-aggrandizement Father is now closer than before. He is appearing to be more in alignment with your own thinking. You are appearing to be more accepting of Father's decisions, and I say the results truly bring about the beauty that is rarely, up until this time, witnessed on Urantia. You, my friends, may appear at odds in your thinking, and yet, you are quite willing to allow Father to speak His truths through you. There is nothing to lose. There is no discomfort of judgment or ridicule among you. There is a genuine love and respect and friendship which always outweighs any topic you may find yourselves at odds on.

Your spiritual maturity brings you to a level which is the level in which we send our students forth to serve. Do you see your spiritual maturity has brought you to align your will with Father's? It has brought you to move ahead, but not alone. You have endeavored to include your fellows in this Mission of spiritual upliftment. In your spiritual maturity you have only to gain insight, spiritual information. And now you realize the most efficient process to go about in gaining your spiritual information is to stand aside and allow Father to speak. You know not the many Adjuster's that were in service this evening. This is truly beautiful and I am grateful to be included. Spiritual maturity is not spiritual superiority, no. Spiritual maturity is not to say, "I am mature while my brothers remain ignorant," no. Spiritual maturity is to recognize your cosmic responsibility and make your decisions therefrom.

This week I would ask you to note the various times when Father may appear to be speaking through you. What did you do to step aside and allow Father His expression? What steps do you take to align your will with Father's? Are those steps still needed to arrive at aligning your will with Father's or is it always existent? Is Adjuster expression always available? What spirit poisons would you note that would hinder your efforts to your cosmic responsibility and what is your medicine to overcome these poisons? Have your questions?



RACHEL: Well Father Abraham, what are in your opinion the best steps we could take in order to align ourselves with Father's will?

ABRAHAM: It has been my experience to witness mortals not taking enough time to ponder upon this topic. Inner wish fulfillment's are usually the driving factor to accomplish daily tasks. It really must take a certain amount of time to ponder and reflect certain questions and attitude adjustments, such as: Do I have real and abiding faith in my Father to trust and allow Him to care for me? Do I trust in Father's supreme power to rule His own kingdom? Do I trust in Father's ability to care for each individual as well as the whole? And last, if I can't say yes to all three questions then I would ask myself this question. Do I have the ability to care for myself and the world as a whole as would a supreme being. Supreme being meaning the Universal God, not the God of time. It is wise to trust in yourself, but not to go so far as to make decisions and do Father's work for Him. Do you see many beings have a starting point and work up therefrom? Father is never beginning, never ending, always all powerful, all knowing and matchless in wisdom and love. I would emphasize a short amount of time would be very beneficial to aligning your will with Father's. I would express my faith in this method, and say, yes, this is very beneficial. Does this help? (It certainly does. It was beautiful and I thank you.)

ABRAHAM: You're welcome. Another question?


CALVIN: Anxiety is a word I didn't quite catch, being one of those blockers of spiritual understanding. Can you give us better insight on what our anxieties might be? How anxiety is displayed in our daily lives?

ABRAHAM: Anxiety, my definition is mental torment which one feels there is little control over, to be overly concerned about one thing or another to the point of physical distress. Anxiety is not highly recognized as a physical enemy, but I can say that many of the worlds ailments have stemmed from anxiety and worry over the desire to have control. In the days of old, perhaps before civilization, anxiety was not great because knowledge was not so present. There was little to be concerned over and safety was dealt with when the time called for action to be taken. In today's more knowledgeable society there is seemingly endless number of topics to worry over, images to put forth, homes to be upgraded, levels of living to portray to this world that, 'I am acceptable because I maintain a certain image.' There are always small anxieties to be burdened upon the mind, and it really is your part as a mortal to believe that you can control the level of intake of worry, but possibly not so much the circumstances that brought on the anxiety. Your willingness to align your will with Father's and allow Him expression is certainly a good medicine for overcoming anxiety. Does this help?

CALVIN: Yes. It helps very much. I use that word, anxiety, as not be anxious, like opposite of relax, enjoy or be aware of too anxious, too busy. I can relate to that one.

ABRAHAM: Yes, understood. I am grateful for my position here and my morontial training. I am anxiety-free, as one day you also will be. Another question?

CALVIN: I read that transmission from Ham and just because it might be an important physical thing for Joshua. The doctor said to cut down on water, and if the transmission was accurate, it was advised to increase the water. Do you have any comment on that? I would hate to be in a position to do opposite of what a doctor said. I mean to get a message wrong.

ABRAHAM: I am aware that Ham's message is accurate. The level of fluid is not to be as little as the doctors say, but large amounts of fluid would also be of detriment. An increase in small amounts would be more to Ham's instructions, yes. This is my understanding. Does that answer?

CALVIN: Yes. I think that is what Ham's instructions were, to increase level of fluid consumption.


ABRAHAM: Yes, not as small as the doctors, but not too much over that. I would express to you my appreciation for allowing me to be a part of your education and your determination is indeed admired. My love go with you. Until next week, shalom.