1997-01-05-New Levels of Energy Activity

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Topic: New Levels of Energy Activity

Group: Tallahassee TeaM


Teacher: Michael, Nebadonia, Will, HaReel, Machiventa

TR: Unknown



Michael: The Father’s ever-expanding heart reaches out and down, in love, to His children of time.


Greetings dear children, it is I Michael, father, yet brother to you all. Here with me is your beloved Mother as well. Allow your Mother to minister to your expanding hearts. Allow Her to reach in as you reach out. Create your circuit, now, with your Mother. She has long awaited this time of preparation. As you open to Her heart, and allow your circuit with Her to become established, understand that She now moves into a more accessible place within your personal universe of experiences. In times past, many of you wished to have contact with Her, and yet because of your more immature growth patterns this was not possible. It is now possible for each of you to have direct contact with your beloved Mother. We would ask each of you to sit with us in the Stillness for a few moments allowing this connection to develop. Turn your palms upward if you will as this does facilitate our energy exchange. (ED: Long pause)

Nebadonia: My own precious little ones, so long have I wanted to touch you, to connect with your open heart. Allow me now to hold you each, let me light the fire within your own heart, for in this connection will you begin a more concentrated walk in the Father’s Light, for now you hold both of our hands. Know my love will now walk with you in all that you do, ever will I be beside you, as is Michael, for into the coming days much work will be accomplished by those of you whose hearts are stalwart and whose commitment is centered and strong. Know always beloved little ones, how precious you are in our sight, how appreciated, the work that you do. I leave you now with my love. Do not close the door to the connections we’ve made this evening, for they will become increasingly strong in the days to come, as you allow your energy to reach out and move through this circuit. Stay always beloveds, in the Light of your Father. Shalom.

Group: Shalom.

Will: The love of the Father is available to all of His children wherever in time or beyond they exist. He is no respecter of persons, and yet, His children do ofttimes close the door of their hearts to Him, making it impossible for His love to be received. Know always, that when-so-ever you open your heart to the Father in sincere and prayerful supplication His ear and heart are never closed to you. Your prayers indeed, do fall on open ears and are always, always, always answered. Wherever we gather, He is.

Greetings beloveds, it is I Will, your teacher who loves you.

Our experience this evening with our Sovereign Michael and our beloved Nebadonia was one that has us all held within their gentle embrace. I am always so moved when in their presence and I know that you are as well. The gift our Mother gave to us this evening is one that you will carry with you into your Universe career. It’s a gift that is now yours and can never be taken from you. Your responsibility beloved students, is to allow Her gift to be made manifest within your lives. The circuit is now yours and may be utilized by each of you in days to come. We stand in awe of the beauty that comes from each of you, for the gift you received is one not given lightly, nor given to those who have not been prepared. You hold the key within your hearts to become catalysts on this world, catalysts for change the like of which this world had not seen before. Recognize beloveds that naught will come of this gift if you do not infuse the circuit with your own creative energy. It would be like a car with no gas, or a car with gas, and no key.

I would encourage each of you to spend time now in the Stillness with your Mother, helping to make this circuit strong through the creative visions within your own hearts. I will hold my planned lesson for this evening for another week for I am too overwhelmed to do much beyond absorb the love of our Parents and one another. Go into this week dear hearts, knowing, feeling, exhibiting the love that your Parents have for you as the children of Light that you have become.


Group: Shalom.

HaReel: Good evening dear friends, this is HaReel, feeling very honored to be here tonight. I am very happy for the gift you have all received, and know it will bear much fruit in your days on Urantia. I have not yet expressed how grateful I am at the opportunities I have to address this group, and so I want to tell you all now that it is a joyful and valuable experience for me, and I thank you all for the opportunity and I love you all. Shalom.


Group: Shalom.

Helen: There’s someone else here that wishes to speak.

JoiLin: Yes, I know Elonia’s here. I kept hoping she’d get to speak.

Helen: This is one of the Melchizedeks I think.

(Ed: group goes back into receptive meditative state)

Machiventa: You are quite perceptive. Greetings my children, it is I Machiventa. This dear student did know I was here and chose not to allow me to speak through her. Mantoube and Ordonson are also here as are numerous others, for indeed, this evening was an evening recognized by the administration of this planet as being somewhat above the norm. We are only here as observers this evening, however, I did want to extend my wishes for a healthy and happy and blessed, blessedly ACTIVE New Year, for indeed, we do turn up the juice once more.

Ed: Lots of group laughter.

I thought you would like that. This student is thankfully becoming more comfortable with allowing me to speak in a more comfortable manner. I thank her for this, for it indeed, is an expression of her own work. I will be attending your group sessions as will Ordonson and Mantoube periodically over these next months, for not only are the activities on-going across this planet being up-stepped, but so too will the preparation of which you will play a part become up-stepped. We encourage you once more to pick up your past lessons and reestablish them within your mind circuits so that they now become a part of who you are and how you manifest these lessons of love to your brothers and sisters. When first these lessons came to you, you had not received the instruction, nor the up-step, nor had the circuits indeed, been connected as they now are. It is for this reason, that we now ask you to walk once again through these lessons. You do not need to spend a great deal of time, a simple reading will suffice, but your brain.....

T/R: Oh, dear...looking for....

Natalya: Mental?

T/R: No....I’m seeing . ...like sparks of fire being discharged and shooting along lines that connect...

Natalya: Synapses?

T/R: Synapses...yes, that’s the correct word, thank you.

Machiventa continues: These will become engaged as you refamiliarize yourselves with these lessons and indeed there are levels to these lessons that are not evident to your level of discernment, yet that does not keep them from becoming active. This is much the same as when you first read the Urantia Book, much that you read was not understood by you, and I dare say that much you now read is not understood by you. And yet there is purpose and design behind the words as they were written. There are layers or patterns that are laid down within your minds as you read the words.


I leave you now dear friends and students, knowing that you are up to the tasks to which you have committed. Go with my love and in the Father’s Light. Shalom.

Group: Shalom.