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Topic: Love

Group: Spokane TeaM


Teacher: Elyon, Jessona

TR: Jonathan



Elyon (Jonathan TR): Greetings friends, this is Elyon. As always I present myself to you, not only as a friend, but as a servant for Michael in promoting his message to this world through your efforts. We are a team.



Love is an intention. Love is an attention. It is both. You know how disturbed you can feel when you do not attend to your intentions; you miss an opportunity wherein your better expressions could have been made. You know the Father holds no grievance towards you when you miss applying your intentions, for, from His perspective, your intentions are the indicator of your potentials in the long Paradise ascent that will be fully actualized at His residential headquarters. I, on the other hand, am directed toward your attention. I am here to witness to you the effects of attentive love. We experience our love together; you pause to focus upon myself or my working associates and when we do likewise with you. Yes, it is true that we love one another even when we are not functioning together. But this form of love is a love of acknowledging a condition, personality inclinations toward one another. But when you are dynamically attentive to myself, and I with you, we are experiencing real love, action love. Every form of service, of ministry, be it teaching, healing, helping those less fortunate, those in need, offering opportunities for education, the simple things such as giving, these are the attentive expressions of love. They are you actively addressing your deeper intentions. These deep intentions are directly connected to your relationship to the Father, your faith in truth, and your ideals of higher living, not only for your world but for all individuals be they realized on this world or in life cycles to follow.

Love is all pervasive. No doubt you have heard this phrase before. It pervades not only all around you in many forms, but it is pervasive in an inward and outward direction. Inwardly, love inspires your intentions, your ideals, your pursuits, your plans to pursue. Next is outward, the attentive form where you begin to focus and consciously direct your deeper sense of love, to compose your methods of expression to put personality directive behind your deeper sense, and when this is expressed, you have the full revelation of love from within to your outer environment.

You are very fond of the phrase, "Love is the desire to do good to others." (56:1-.21) I would point out that the desire is your intention. Doing good is the attentive aspect, and the result is love for another and love experienced by another. I speak of love and make effort to bring to you a sense of the experience of love that non-physical beings encounter. Love has taken on many meanings in your life, and you are better off discerning the levels at which you apply the sensitivity that you call love. I would assure you that, as you become a morontia citizen, you will discover an even broader band of love spectrum. In the end, in a fundamental way, love is first your internal experience of the Father. Following this experience the spectrum is displayed and takes on its colorations through your intentions and your attentions, your attending as well, what you do with what you have experienced.

I have finished my comments this morning. As I do enjoy it, I welcome your feedback.



Evelyn: That was very balanced between what we desire to do and what we actually manifest, which is where our conversation started this morning. Thanks for pointing out that in God's eyes intention counts.

Tom: Jessona, do you have any comments?

Elyon: Before I allow my friend Jessona to step up to the mike, I would make a comment to Evelyn that the Father is always content with your intentions, for His patience is eternal as you learn the ways to express yourself. This is where the responsibilities and duties of the son of God come in. He, the one who went about doing good, is directed toward action. He is the universe creator and is most keenly focused towards expression of love, the mercy ministry. So, you can be certain that the Father never changes in His affection toward you whether you have succeeded or failed in your efforts to express love. But you can be likewise assured of Michael's presence and efforts to minister to you during those successful and failure experiences of love.

Service, Expression

Jessona: This is Jessona; I am here. I have enjoyed your prompting of my comments lately.

All beings relish the opportunity to be selected and assigned to projects of importance throughout the universe. One assignment we all have is to grasp ever deeply the Father and the Son and the Spirit and their working throughout this marvelous creation. Along with this is a nearly infinite range of activities which provide a variety not only all around us through the variable lifestyles everyone has, but also throughout your own life variety becomes a refreshing amplifier for enthusiasm. So I am intensely dedicated and enthusiastically present for my assignment on this world, for as I increasingly expand my experience of Supremacy, I also have the great opportunity to influence the many souls and angels about me.

I, today, encourage you to perceive your life in this manner, to be ever alert, not only to your own ascending needs, but to the opportunities to present the Father in His ministry to others. I perceive it is very far from your minds any sense of personality grandiosity when you understand that you are a valuable component in the administration of spiritual upliftment on this world. As I witness you are fortunately humble in this regard, I take the opportunity to drive home to you how important it is to be aware that you are enlisted with many millions in this administrative capacity. What does that lead one human being to do? You know the message is simple. The greatest effort you can make toward uplifting this planet is the incessant repetition of the essential gospel and the continual manifestation in your life of every angle of understanding that you have. This demonstration fills in for the spoken message. To speak the truths of the kingdom is much like drawing an outline picture. To live it, to demonstrate it, is to provide the colors and details that turn the line drawing into a painting. Ministering to another through the teaching that you may do the Father's will provides outline. Your living and applying this doing of the Father's will in your life greatly describes the truth, for your actions are louder than a thousand words in conveying to another the import. But many do not recognize through actions what you are intending to express. Here is where words are important. Indeed, the Master went about doing good. However, he was very expressive verbally to many people. Your actions will demonstrate what you are doing; your words will express why you are doing them.

I trust I have given you much to think about.


Elyon: Elyon returning. I will close our encounter by encouraging you to work on the activation of your intentions in expressing love. Take note of your successful expressions and equally of your successful procrastinations. Do not weigh them in the judgement balance; this is why I used "successful" with procrastinating. Merely recognize them. When you reflect on the value you have placed upon the intentions you hold deep within you that are linked directly to truth and goodness and beauty, which is the Father's love manifest in this universe, you will easily lean in the future toward your successful expressions.

We are happy to have made this contact today. I will close by saying we do love you.