1997-10-19-Faith In Life

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Topic: Faith in Life

Group: N. Idaho TeaM


Teacher: Elyon, Malvantra, Mantutia, Aaron

TR: Jonathan, Sheila, Daniel Megow



Time, Faith

Elyon (Jonathan TR): Greetings, friends. Once again I would express to you our appreciation of the time that you take to be with us consciously in fellowship and company with your brothers and sisters, those who are not tangible to you. Your material existence has many elements which demand your focus, that arrest your attention. It truly is a diligent effort you make to interface with realities that are seemingly so in-graspable. Many of us are experienced with human living, for we have undergone a mortal life. We thereby know your abilities to make effort at attaining communication with your higher friends. My days of mortal life are distant. I have memories of those times, but the line of experience, the trail behind my growth is lengthy, and those episodes seem to be but a speck in the spectrum.

I encourage you to look ahead to your yet-to-be-experienced trail. Know with assurance that your experiences of the day fit into a lengthy ascension, and that, while you may wonder with despair at the meaning of the moment, there is an integrated feature of your eternal future. Do realize that while you age in material form and time appears to go by far more quickly, that your days, years, and eons will be experienced the same. This life you live now is but a day. As you mature spiritually, the day will be seen in the context of the year, and you will understand its meaning more fully.

This is the importance of faith in your life, of the development of your ability to trust. These two aspect of your being, faith and trust, are dual in quality. One, you have to actively cultivate these traits. The other is the degree to which you allow the traits to function. This is the significance of "be you like a little child." Young ones don't fret over the day in relation to the year but accept it and grow. Where you must cultivate these traits may be likened to the temper tantrum of a young one who has yet to learn how to understand a situation in a larger context.

I am Elyon, and I have friends who would like to speak today.



Mantutia (Shiela): I would like to thank you, my friends, for yet another episode of defining that which you call the Teaching Mission, for each time that we hear your definition, we are reminded of what has been accomplished through our communications with one another. We too struggle at times to define what it is exactly that is happening, for many times we call it the Student Mission, for we are constantly learning from you. The student and the teacher are one in many cases. Those that you at times fear as your enemy have truly become your greatest teacher. As a student, when this acknowledgment has become real to you, when the lesson has been learned, you yourself can be considered self taught, for it is you who has chosen to apply the lesson.

Many times you have noticed a pattern of episodes in your lifetime that causes what you first conceive as fear, anger, disappointment. As time goes by and there is reflection of all that was entailed, you begin to lose the fear and see what it is that was taught, what it is that you learned which was applied to your growth. In reality we are the student until the lesson has been applied. Then we become the teacher, for it can be shared. We are grateful to be called the teachers, but we are most grateful when we call ourselves the students.

It is of the Father's will that we share our lives and our lessons. Though we appear to be distant we are very much alike, very much connected and shall continue to be from now on. It is a great opportunity to have a sharing time with those who have been around for a time and those who are new. It is like fresh air.

I thank you for this opportunity to speak. I am Mantutia, and I bid you a good day.


Malvantra (Daniel): Greetings, this is Malvantra. I would like to take this time to welcome those who are new to this circle. (We had two new people.) Your individual hues of light blend well with the light of the others.

I would share today that you each are on a portion of your path at this time which seems to you to be emphasizing a struggle of sorts. You are all in a very important area of your own personal growth which is focused at this time on the discovery and acceptance of your individual identity. This is not an easy time for mortals, yet it is a grand opportunity for each of you to participate in the redefinition of who you truly are. The love and acceptance that you all receive from one another is greatly facilitating your progress through this personal transformation. We see and recognize your individual struggles with this process, yet we cannot directly help you per se because this part of your journey is one which you individually can only make alone with your Fragment of God which resides within you. You are discovering things about yourself at this time which you did not know were there or which you perhaps had forgotten in the interim of many lessons which you have been acquiring. You have nothing to lose and ultimately everything to gain. As the Master has said so many times, fear not your process, it is your due. It is in preparation for that which is coming. Embrace who you are and learn to love yourself for your determination, for your sincerity, for your desire to grow, and do not dwell on areas which you have not yet mastered. These all will fall into place in due time as you acquire the necessary lessons for them to do so.

At this time it is critical for you each to regularly seek stillness with your Indwelling Partner. It is energizing and replenishing. You all have been feeling a certain measure of exhaustion. The most sure way of spiritual rest and rejuvenation is in your times of quiet, internal communication. I thank you for time I was allowed to share with you today. I will step back now.

Aaron (Jonathan): I am Aaron. I bring you a thought to ponder.


If all of you here today were to stand in an open field yards apart from one another, each one would be somewhat vulnerable in the sense that you could be knocked over. You would be somewhat weak in that for you to communicate or transfer an object to another across the field would take great effort. Spiritually this is the significance of fellowship. Imagine now you all shoulder to shoulder in one bundle. Now you are strong. Individually you cannot be toppled. You can pass your information to one another through the hands of fellowship. Through this bonding you acquire the skills of another indirectly, for your fellow with these skills acquired can assist you in accomplishing your goals. And the reverse is true. When you feel isolated take time to feel the presence of the shoulders of your friends. Take time to acknowledge that fellowship and derive strength therefrom.


Thank you for providing me the opportunity today to speak. Farewell.


Jonathan later said Aaron gave him the mental picture of a mosh pit!