1997-11-18-Be Made To Worship

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Topic: Be Made To Worship

Group: Woods Cross TeaM


Teacher: Abraham

TR: Nina



I am ABRAHAM. Greetings to you my friends. It is always a great pleasure to meet with you. I am constantly amazed by your efforts to attain self-mastery. The road to self-mastery is rocky and steep, but as you travel it you become more strong to endure the road ahead.


We have been speaking on self-forgetfulness, which is difficult while in material form. Yes, it is difficult when you must face life's daily brutalities, injustices, sometimes heartbreak, and still be willing to step aside from the self toward that of our Father. I would recommend to you that a sure way to attain self-forgetfulness is to view the awesome wonders of our Father and be made to worship, be made to give praise and gratitude. To set your sights on another takes your sights off yourself. To set your sights on Father is to focus on all that is true, good, and beautiful.

You can distract yourself from yourself by becoming involved in other peoples lives, hobbies, perhaps sports, or alcohol. Yes, to attempt to become self-forgetful, I would admonish you to be careful on what you focus on. This is where our spiritual worship leads us to focus on what we need to have self-forgetfulness. Spending time in loving gratitude allows us to feel the at-oneness with our Father. Yes, removing our attention off ourselves, our problems, our difficulties, our challenges, and turning them into mine and my Father's problems, mine and my Father's difficulties, challenges, and so on.

I would realize that to break out into spontaneous worship is difficult, and I would ask that you not stifle any that would perchance come upon you, no. However, I would ask that you be more aware of Father's good works, no matter how small they might be. Go beyond a feeling of gratitude to give something you would give to no other human on the earth, give worship, be in, and of worship. Go beyond a mere 'thank you Father' to 'praise to you, our Father.' Let us pray.

Father, we your children, small and searching, wish to allow our true love to spill over to you in a show of a tribute. We would go beyond our small environment, our small world, our small solar system, to recognize the most of all there is. Father, in your awesome and grand presence, we are made small. Make us like you. Amen.

This week I would ask that you pause during the day to find worship, find the energy that is bestowed with worship. Recognize how much larger Father gets when you worship, and how much smaller you get. Do you see the self-forgetfulness now? A few question.


CALVIN: Abraham, I always have a few, or some, and tons during the week. It seems like they go away by the time I get here. I do want to say how much your lessons are meaning to me. They're sure refreshing, and I don't see much more when things are going confused, or something, that is more refreshing than pulling out these lessons and going over them and reviewing them. It seems like I should have more of a refreshment, but when I go into the stillness--I think that is what you're trying to teach us now--is to find more refreshment with the Father through worship, and so on. But I get so sleepy when I try to stop and pause. The most worship I can do, or most appreciation, is when driving, or after hearing a beautiful song, or seeing a good point in a movie, or something, being so awesome-filled. Any suggestions to me personally to help?

ABRAHAM: Yes. The stillness is separate from worship. The song or a beautiful mountain scene can bring about worship. The stillness is more of you listening for Father. Worship is you giving to Father. Being small so you can truly feel His presence. Worship is a wonderful way to better know the Father's good attributes, to have a personal relationship, yes. Stillness can always be improved upon, and many will find various techniques, but worship is just natural and overflowing. Worship is gratitude for everything, through your difficult times and your joy-filled times. A certain worshipful energy is always helpful in making one who desires to be self-forgetful be self-forgetful. Does this answer?(Yes. Very good distinction between the two. Thanks.) You're welcome. Another question?

ELLEN: Abraham, times when I felt worship a lot of times I find myself holding back because I am like overcome with this emotion, which is irritating to me. Is that worship or is it just emotionalism? When you're driving down the road, and you are crying---I do try to hold back on that.

ABRAHAM: You need not hold back on the emotions of worship. They are perfectly natural, and do spill out for a time, yes, followed by a peacefulness. Many who engage in emotionalism to extremes miss this peacefulness, and have diffused their energy. Do you see your worshipful emotionalism is genuine and heartfelt, and not a show for anyone to see, no. This is perfectly beautiful in our Father's eyes. He is loving every aspect of His children. Their emotions are part of His children, and are used frequently to help express, and its known as a form of communication. Yes, not to worry. This connection with these particular circuits can also bring about some physical aspects of your material being, yes, emotionalism is one of those things. To experience the peacefulness after this emotional outward letting go is a good indicator of good spiritual health. Does this answer? (Yes. Thank you.) You're welcome. One more question.

MIRIAM: Abraham, when you are talking about when you get input from another person, and in your lesson you were saying focusing on what is true and beautiful, and not focusing and getting distracted from input other people give you. I have been struggling the past couple of days wanting to hear and receive work on what I need to, and leave what isn't mine to work on. I was wondering if you could help me with that if that was what you were talking about in focusing? I think you might know what I am talking about.

ABRAHAM: Yes, I am understanding. It is difficult to travel the spiritual path, and assume all components of the traveling were in place. Everything is moving along fine. There is your effort out before you. When suddenly upon your path there is another who has misunderstood your method to travel, and is blind-sighted to your effort that goes out before you. As in an accident situation, information needs to be exchanged, damage needs to be assessed, and there can be personal injury. It is difficult to sort through the mess to see what your responsibilities are, and what are those of others involved. I at times would say that others involved would not have seen your effort put out before you as a light. And others may not understand your effort or methods for traveling, just as you may miss out on what leads them on your path, whether it is their efforts, or personal agendas, perhaps there is nothing that leads their way, and they are somewhat chaotic. It is only possible for understanding after time has passed to allow for all assessments to be taken and judged. To discern anything of value, or allow it to be gone, to salvage what you can find useful, or allow Father to salvage things for you. This is difficult, and yet I can say that with time more understanding will come to you.


For now I am slipping and I would take my leave. Continue to journal and keep note of those worshipful moments that lead you to be self-forgetful. My love is with you. Until next week, shalom.