1998-01-25-A View of Truth

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Topic: A View of Truth

Group: N. Idaho TeaM


Teacher: Elyon, Unknown, Machiventa

TR: Jonathan, Ginny, Mark



Elyon (Jonathan TR): Greetings, friends. Once again I have for you some imagery that you may use to better live your lives and better understand reality.



You might picture a tea set. Let us call the teapot Michael. Let us also view the Spirit of Truth and the Holy Spirit as the cream and sugar and the contents in this teapot, the tea itself, is truth. By placing truth within your own vessel, the Holy Spirit and the Spirit of Truth adjust this truth such that you are better able to assimilate. The truth itself is not changed; it is merely supplemented by these spirit presences.

Sometimes you may need to pour through a strainer your tea-truth in order to remove extraneous bits and pieces. As you discard what is not useful in your life, refrain from condemning yourself for your previous status, for as you know, any good tea needed to steep in the leaves to become the flavor it is, even though chewing these leaves after the steeping is not to one's liking.

In ministry how you present truth to another is through the awareness of the presence of the Spirit of Truth and the local universe Mother Spirit's Holy Spirit. Some will be able to receive truth, as you might say, black. Others need to have the spirit adjuncts operating to better understand. Truth remains exactly what it has always been in spite of any additional complements. Truth never is altered but rather given adjuncts.

I hope you find this useful; I am here to speak with you, and I am willing to speak through any one of you as well.

unidentified (Ginny): The truth of each of you is very specific and personalized. Truth exists in your experience and is filtered and strained to fit each one's particular abilities and understanding at the present moment. Looking at each one as a bit of truth would be helpful for you to improve your relationships with each other, that each one manifests the light of God in their own particular way. Each of you is a different color of the rainbow, and all colors are needed to make this beautiful picture, and they all proceed from the same white light.

That is what I have to share with you today.

Melchizedek Schools

Machiventa (Mark): I would step forward for a moment to direct your thoughts. This is Machiventa, and as principal of the schools that you all are now attending, I would share some thoughts.

First I would share my enthusiasm, my joy, my love, with each of you individually and with the glorious class assembled here today. It indeed warms all of our hearts to see the loving, caring interaction between you fellow students. The desires of your hearts are made known and observed. Your willingness and desire to be of assistance to each other is touching. Your willingness to assemble for these directions is touching. You are indeed an eager and willing class, which is all any teacher could desire.

I would also offer words of encouragement that even though you each may feel that you may not have the time or commitment to attend a full day's session or extended lesson, you still may find it quite accessible to attend briefly a study hall more regularly. If you would view these Melchizedek schools as being always available to you, the lights always on, the black-boards always poised for the next lesson -- which you are at- tending even now -- you may also view your sporadic and irregular attendance as dropping by the school for study hall or a quick tutoring session to help you in areas of desired growth. I advise you to avail yourselves of any or all of this made ready for you, as it, indeed, stands waiting, its structure of lessons in place, its course and lesson plans available to you at your beckoning will.

It is wonderful to attend a complete class full of classmates around you to help in the growth process. It may also be helpful to each as individuals to enroll in any extracurricular activities, study halls, or extra tutoring sessions. You all have come to realize the value of attending these classes in your own lives. You may augment this effect upon your growth by choosing to study a little more, a little harder. We all realize the cyclical nature of time commitments and priorities and await your decision to avail yourselves of our services.

Please take with you from these classes the camaraderie, the peer group you enjoy at this time, as they are indeed on a similar course, a similar path to that of your own, and may prove ultimately as beneficial to you in your discourse with them as with the teachers and the lessons delivered to you. Be on the lookout for truth to come at you whether you choose to drink yours from a saucer, or a mug, or a stein; it is available to you in any of these forms for your taking.

Thank you for your time today, once again.

Elyon (Jonathan): Returning to the tea table, I would echo Machiventa's statements to you that truth will take shape based upon the cup into which it is placed but will remain in flavor the same. I would also add that I, myself, and my teacher associates and my supervisor are the spoons that stir your tea. We are not ingestable as is Michael or Nebadonia or your Thought Adjuster. But we are ever willing to be ones who help you assimilate what is presented to you by them each day.


Ginny: Welcome to our tea party!

Elyon: Often tea is accompanied by a nibble. Is there any comment from you as to how that may play into our image today?

Evelyn: I see it as an attracting element, something to keep people around. It's not necessarily the truth but something to keep them interested.

Mary: I think of it as food for thought first. Then as you eat the lessons of your daily life, difficulties you run into create the thirst for the underlying truth that will wash it all down.

Mark: I see the bread as the sustenance. Whereas tea quenches your thirst, it doesn't put anything of grounding substance in your system. The bread is what we have to have to survive at this level.

Ann: I look for truth to enter into my soul, that it might find a permanent place with me. If I need that nourishment, I can look to my soul and find sustenance that will not only feed my mind, my emotions, and my physical, but I can share with others.

Ginny: And every once in a while the mad hatter comes to the tea party!

Mary: In reference to what Machiventa said, we often think of ourselves as being in the classroom when we are in stillness or in session or actually talking about learning. Then there is the lab work which is when we're out doing our business. We have to remember that is an aspect of the class as well. There is some analogy with the tea party, the ingesting of these experiences and the truth that the experiences bring you.

Elyon: Would it be proper to view a walk after your tea party as your lab work?

Jonathan: When we make bread it takes moisture. I thought of pouring tea when we are making the bread, infusing it, the material element, with the truth element, to make one package.

Ann: Beauty is the essence of what comes from truth. What could be more beautiful than what comes forth from truth and changes the hearts and lives of men?

Elyon: You could say that beauty is the aroma of the tea itself. To return to Evelyn's comment about attraction, our teaching mission is likewise geared to encourage each of you to deepen your relationship with the Father. We are, in a sense, a teaching mission biscuit.

How you arrange your set of china demonstrates to others the goodness that you have acquired; it is the mode of service you have in offering the truth to others and equally receiving.

Mark: Thank you, Elyon. I love your imagery. That's another one for the metaphor manual.


Elyon: You are welcome, my friends, and I must conclude by saying that you all are a twist of lemon as well in this whole process, making it all that much more complete.