1998-11-08-Projecting Energy

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Topic: Projecting Energy

Group: Woods Cross TeaM


Teacher: Abraham

TR: Nina



I AM ABRAHAM. Greetings. I am once again so happy to be with you. You have proven again your dedication to the cause by your responsibility. Any time the messages we would transmit are forced, stressed, or in some form of jeopardy, there needs to be changes within the group format. How wonderful it is to view our mortal connection acting upon their God given authority. You are a group of action and willingness to offer yourselves to the betterment of the whole.

Last week we discussed recognizing the pure and divine in yourselves and y our fellows. I do gather from our weekly visitations that all is on track. As a true believer lives can he understand the simplicity of his fellows, as one exchanges his mind for the mind of Christ can he view his fellows as beloved children of the Universal Father.


Mortals, having experienced isolation as Urantia has, have a more difficult time sitting at the Father's table. There are doubts that one would be so worthy to dine with those at the Universal Banquet. Urantia mortals have found it difficult over the years to see the good, pure, and innocent, in one another. It has been a world of kill or be killed,' survive in any manner possible. Such defenses make relating on a soul level quite difficult.

If you treat a child with suspicion, that child receives that particular energy, and actually acts upon it. The child feels like he is in error, guilty. The spirit poisons lead him to negative actions. This all began from a projected energy from an adult. If you constantly point out a child's faults, he receives that energy as literal, and proceeds to lose confidence in his ability to (do) anything. If you looked upon a child as inferior or subnormal, then does he tend to act upon this energy.

As the child grows, certainly does he learn to build his defenses, and justify his actions for self protection. You know not how literal your energy projections are to one another. Many of those fear ridden souls do indeed act out energies projected onto them. If you enter a department store, and are gazed upon by the clerk suspiciously, do you not feel as though you are guilty of shoplifting? Yes, certainly.

You, my friends, have a tremendous spiritual responsibility, and your intentions are becoming more purified. Your energy projections are more spiritually refined, and you are able to affect the world one person at a time. If you take notice of a child's kindness, does he absorb that divine energy, which whets his appetite for good living? If you encourage a child toward more divine realities, instead of making his faults the focus then, is he more apt to follow a spiritual path, a path of trial and error, a path of logical thinking... "I have tried it this way; it does not serve anyone. I can certainly try another way." Do you see, his mistakes are stepping stones to him towards learning greater things.

If you praise a child then does that projected energy build in him a confidence and direct him towards the fruits of the spirit. The love and wellness you show him turns him inward to meet with his own Indwelling Father. Your projected energy is real and does have an affect. Father treats each child with encouragement, love, and confidence building praise. He would certainly agree that when I say... if all Urantians would treat one another as Father does; the affects would be astonishing to you.


This week I ask you to make it a point to project positive things to those you meet, those you know. Try to greet our fellows with a positive word, something to encourage, or give hope, or guild confidence. Allow your fellows to know you do indeed see that pure, innocent, well intentioned child within them. No questions this evening. I will again meet with you during the week. I can attempt to assist you in the moment with this exercise of energy projection. As always, my love is with you. Shalom.