1998-11-11-Loving To Live

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Topic: Loving to Live

Group: Indianapolis TeaM


Teacher: Welmek

TR: Unknown



Welmek: Good morning, my friends. This is your friend and teacher, Welmek. Today I would like to continue our lessons about life. Our final session is what does it mean to love life. I want you to go deep within and attempt to recall to your mind your darkest moment when you felt the greatest amount of despair, loneliness, insecurity, fear—whatever it might be. I want you to recapture what that felt like and I want you to share it with us. Then I want you to think about how did you overcome that. Was there a specific turning point? What I am asking of you is difficult. If you do not choose to share, I understand. But it can be beneficial if you are willing. If you are not willing, then you can discuss it more general terms, but only if you are willing to do so. I will pause and then we will begin.

Comments from students


Welmek: Imagine sitting in a room, a cell. There is no light. You are in total darkness. You look within your mind’s eye and see that you do not have the love you want, you do not have the job you want, you do not have the personality you want; other people are more beautiful, richer, smarter. So you say, what worth do I have, what is the point? I cannot succeed in the world. And there is a feeling of despair, hopelessness, fatigue of the struggle. It is a dark, dark reality that you see. Most humans, particularly on your world, because you do not have the guidance and love to bring people to the light and spiritual reality in more gradual and loving way experience this darkness to varying degrees in life.

Imagine now that a small ray of light penetrates through the cell. What do you immediately do? You focus, don’t you, on this light. In this light, it might be a brief moment of love, insight, peace, goodness, compassion, mercy, that penetrates the darkness and it gives hope that there can be more light. Each person then begins the struggle of choice. They can retain their focus on the darkness or they can place their focus on this brief small ray. If they begin to focus more on this small ray of light, it makes it grow. As it grows, what does it do? It takes away the darkness. Each person chooses to what degree they will live in darkness or what degree they will live in light. You cannot make this choice for them. Each of you has struggled with this choice within yourself. And so it is with all humans. They must have their own path and choices because without it is not real to them. Without these experiences that have been carved deep within your soul, you would not have the will to let in more light.

I want to ask you, where does this ray of light come from? Two of you mentioned that it was other humans that allowed this ray of light to come in. This is true and of great value. To those who are blind, they do not want to discuss God. God is some distant concept they are not sure about. And who is this God anyway who has given them such a miserable life? God must not like them, or they would be richer, more beautiful, more popular. They feel unworthy. So often this ray of light comes from another human. Each of you has experienced this love and guidance that you see or believe comes from another human. But in reality it came from God, it only passed through another human. Whether or not in this lifetime or the next, every human will be given the opportunity to awaken to this light, to this reality. Each of you now in this life has the opportunity to give that ray of light to some other human. This is the greatest joy of all; to serve others. Imagine how you would feel to give that light to some person to feel the hope to lead them on the path you have found. It is not perfect yet. You still struggle, but deep within your soul you now know that even if you were in that dark room for the rest of your life, you would never be alone. You will never be alone again for you have found the God within who is your constant guide, your comforter, your lover. That can never be taken away from you, only you can give it up by your own choices.

Many of your brothers and sisters have not found that companion and still struggle in their darkness. What can you do for them when you see them struggle within their darkness? Share with them your own experience. Tell them of the ray of light you have found and how by focusing on it and strengthening it you are able to remove much of your darkness with light. You cannot make the choice for them but you can tell them the way in which it worked for you. While they struggle what did these other people do for you? Did they stay by your side and give you support? Did they continue to love you? In their own ways, they did and that is what you can do for others. You are fortunate that you have found the true path and the light. Therefore, in many ways you have more to offer than just the support. You can even suggest to them the answer, but you cannot make them choose it and you must be patient with them. It is the turning within that they must choose.

On a more enlightened world, the joy and peace that an individual would see in others would show them this is a better way. On your world there are not many lights of guidance. Many times individuals must experience the depths of loneliness and isolation in order to choose the different path. God is interested in you. You are a child of God. Despite what happens in your material life, this can never be taken from you. It is only natural that you want loving relationships, that you would like recognition. But I say to you, you have all of these things now and you have it forever. The greatest gift that anyone could ever give to you is the realization of who you are, and you now have that realization. You have the greatest lover of all. You have a relationship with the most loving and wise being imaginable.

The other humans you share your life with, do not expect such perfection from them. They struggle with their own dark sides. They do not always know how to find the answer within, let alone be the perfect companion to you. Choose to give the love, compassion, friendship, counsel to everyone who asks. What else can you do? Rest assured that no matter how dark their struggle, how deep their pain, in time they will have the same opportunity to choose to find the love you have found. You wish it could be different and you could take their pain away, but then you would not experience life – the choices, the experiences – these are all part of the richness and texture of life. You do not always see this; you do not always take joy in this. You do not always love life because there is still darkness in your selves, you have not allowed the light to replace all the darkness. I do not say this to make you feel unworthy or guilty for you have only been around for such a short time.

As the light replaces the darkness within you, every situation that you see will not be in a shadow, but in its true light; it will no longer have the despair, anxiety and fear that is associated with the darkness. It will only be seen as an opportunity to grow, love and share. In time, it will be your life and be in your life forever. When you see things in the shadows of darkness say to yourself, “I see this in darkness. How can I see it in light?” Now you have a beam of light that shines within you. (Tape turned) Ask the holder of the candle to increase the light because there is something that you cannot see clearly in the darkness. As you see it more clearly, it will lose it shadows.

It is a great contradiction in a way, is it not? Each of us struggle in the mind of darkness while the greatest light of all shines within our mind. We must access it, we must choose it. Think of your own children, think of yourself as a child. Were there not many times that you struggled, that you did not understand things? Were there not moments when you could go to your parents or another older person and ask them to help you understand things? Well, you are spiritual children, and your Father will always attempt to help you understand your spiritual nature. He will help you understand things in a more spiritual light. I want you to take a moment now to go within and concentrate and focus on the presence within you. I want you to ask yourself this question, “Do I really feel alone?” “Am I really alone?” Share with us your answers.


Comments from students.

Welmek: Faith, the living trust of the reality of God within you is the very cornerstone, the very heart and soul of all reality. It is the most important thing you can come to understand and experience. As it grows, so you grow. As it grows, so you will learn to love your life more. This spirit within patiently waits for you to make the choices to allow this relationship to grow. When you see your children, your parents, they are all of your struggling brothers and sisters on this planet. You cannot make the choices for them any more than the spirit can make the choice for you. But you can give them that ray of hope, that ray of light to hold on to until they can make that choice within them. No greater gift can you give them.


Seek the light, the light of love, and the love of life will be yours. Good day, my friends.