1999-01-18-Scribbles from Lytske

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Topic: Scribbles from Lytske

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Unknown

TR: Lytske



It is necessary for you to write these words. It is a way for you to learn to focus. Your thoughts are tumbling through your head, and there is a great need for you to learn to focus with intent. We would encourage you to write things down, as it is important to thereby also slow down your thoughts, as the words come during periods such as prayer and meditation.

You now have some qualms about this process due to your reading material contradicting what you were taught. The word ‘channeling’ was used throughout the publication. Are you in a trance right now? No, you are not. The top of your head (brain) is very active, which is due to the change in energy. You could write about what it is you feel there. It is spreading throughout, and you are becoming aware of your feet on the floor, the sensations flowing down your legs. You are opening up to energy, or are you going to deny this?

Energy is Energy, is Energy. The Thought Adjuster is Pure Energy. Your opening to energy sensation/feeling is a sign of growth. Do not deny yourself the gifts of the Father, because someone told you, ‘This cannot be.’

You are the one who feels this energy, and your responsibility lies in the acceptance of this. If there was no energy, nothing would exist. Everything consist of energy, otherwise everything would fall apart. Communication such as this is energy, also. It all comes from the same source; the Source of all that Is.

You literally are a tiny ball of energy, swimming in an ocean of energy. It is a harmonic dance, this dance of life, of being-ness. Rejoice at your growing awareness of your energetic connection to the Source. Strengthen your connection to that Source by opening yourself, and pray, and meditate, and grow.

It is all so individual, the experience of awakening. Do not deny yourself because of fear creeping in, because someone says, that this cannot be. Become a pure channel of the Father’s love in your work with others.

It is a blessed thing to be about the Father’s business. Continue with your work, and focus your intent in this and grow. We love you and encourage you.

We are your Teachers.