1999-02-04-Scribbles from Lytske

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Topic: Scribbles from Lytske

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Unknown

TR: Lytske



Ponder the subject of gratitude. What does the word mean? So many people say ‘thank you,’ let us say ninety-nine percent of the time, as a formality, a social nicety. Think of how often this is heart-felt, with a true gratefulness coming from the heart.

Become mindful again of how you use the words, ‘thank you.’ Where do they come from; from habit or from the heart? Consider what is truly behind gratitude; what other emotions or feelings are there? ‘Feel into the word gratitude.’ When did you feel the word, how did it feel, and what was underneath that feeling?

You know for yourself, child, that the deep feeling of gratitude evokes a great and deep humility. Your gratitude towards the very Creator of all things moves you -- moves and overwhelms you -- to the point of tears coming to your eyes and streaming down your face. You feel so small in your human-ness, and you feel so connected to Source! What then bubbles up in you from deep within, is that incredible peace and joy, and the urge to sing. Your song becomes a tribute to the All That Is.

These are the moments that feed the soul and make it grow. The feeling of gratitude is most powerful. The greatest growth happens in the conscious connection to Source -- the awesome-ness of the Love of the Creator for the creature, and the gratitude of the creature for the Creator. That love-connection from the Creator to the created one is always there, and the very first awakening gratitude of the creature for the Creator opens the two-way flow of all possibilities.

The conscious cooperation -- usually unconscious for a long time -- in the developing soul, is the recognition of the soul of its Source of growth, and signals the fact that a human is waking up to his or her cosmic status in eternity. The road he or she chooses, the lessons learned, the decision made, and the dawning of eternal possibilities within, foster the deepening gratitude, which nourish the soul.

So you begin to see how cooperation, mindful, conscious cooperation with your Mystery Monitor -- your Thought Adjuster -- can and does increase your gratitude and thereby contributes to your soul growth.

We will speak another time about the discipline involved.


Lytske’s more recent work, contemplation of which allows one to come into closer contact with the Spiritual World, can be found here: