1999-02-13-Scribbles from Lytske

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Topic: Scribbles from Lytske

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Unknown

TR: Lytske



Let us make this a session on listening. You wonder if you are listening enough. We see the question in your mind. The quality of listening will always stand improvement, until you have reached perfection. It is a skill, which is developed with mindfulness.

You know that you almost despair at your quality of listening to the Inner Voice, and to others, as there is still much mind chatter going on, often outside of your awareness. This is partly genetic, as you know. However, as you are coming into a greater present-centered awareness, this need not continue.

These lessons on thought and mindfulness are specifically designed to keep your attention on the words coming to you. This is your training ground, so please continue this daily endeavor whenever time permits. Read these words from time to time, perhaps type them out later, and you will again find the nuggets hidden within, so you know that you are well taken care of, and watched over.

You have now added the awareness of listening to your list of ongoing development. Listening, mindfulness, present-centered awareness, focus and intent; attention to all this brings awareness of intuition. All these inner skills bring all outer learning ‘into a deeper integration.’ It is an unfoldment of personality and character. Doors are opening for further clearing, greater concentration in learning, and a greater awareness of subtle changes.

Changes abound in these Correcting Times. It is a time of much inner correction, which will allow for correction on the visible plane, the earth-plane. Do not worry about the outer chaos. The Infinite Father has all things in hand. He knows all, sees all, and discerns the motivation and intent of all His creatures.

It is a delight for us to see how, out of chaos, true character is being build, which would not otherwise happen. You live an ordinary life on an extraordinary planet. Feel your grounded-ness. Feel the energy from the Father flow though your crown chakra, through the whole body, through your feet into Mother Earth. It is ongoing. It is never ending.

Even if the body changes at material dissolution, the Spirit-soul continues to grow in this never ending energy. It is the free will of the human that decides how much it will grow by his or her very choices and decisions.

This is the wake-up call to each and everyone: To start listening to the Inner Monitor, to ask for It’s Guidance. The answers are already there.

Listen to IT.