1999-02-22-Scribbles from Lytske

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Topic: Scribbles from Lytske

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Unknown

TR: Lytske



Doubt in your abilities will delay your progress. Everyone has been given tools, and here we consider your ability to use language. Your language tools either ‘lie around’ unused, and in an unorganized fashion, or they are picked up and sharpened by knowledge and understanding, and daily used in practice. Potential progress is endless. You, yourself, are the greatest tool in that the life-force flows through you. Its energy can be used by you in any manner you choose.

God, the First Source and Center of everything, really does not care by what name He or She is called; this only matters to the caller. The First Source and Center gave you free will to choose about how to use the life-force, the energy -- to use it consciously and effectively, or unconsciously and randomly.

Life is a dance, but few wake up to hear its tune or beat. Oh, that more would wake up and march to the beat of the inner Drummer, that Mystery Monitor, the Thought Adjuster, that Gift from God, which helps sharpen your tools in this lifetime, to carry forward into eternity! This making of a unique personality! An unique expression of Him/Herself!

When viewing the broader picture, each and everyone has the capacity, through their cooperation with this Mystery Monitor, to eventually become one with the Source’s Gift by the method of fusion. Thereby in truth and fact they become greater than anyone would have conceived of their becoming. Each day is ‘a becoming more,’ in the sense of growing into God-consciousness; this greater awareness of the All That Is, for this is the injunction, the command: ‘Be ye therefore perfect, even as I Am perfect.’

You see, child, that this daily Stillness practice is ‘a tool of becoming,’ designed to shut out all ‘material thoughts,’ which are passing illusions. All true creativity happens in the deepest recess of the mind, which is becoming conscious of cooperation with the I Am, who has organized the unified force-field for you to tap into. It is with intent and focus that new insights come, ever enlarging upon the previous ones.

Here it is where you can unlearn negative attitudes, and replace them with positive ones. In truth and in fact, anything is possible and attainable. Of course, being time/space creatures, you use time to bring into manifestation what it is you so earnestly desire. The abundance of all things is there. The storehouse of I AM is filled with glad surprises. The accessibility is achieved by your sharpening your tools and practicing with intent and focus.

Practice the Love of God flowing through you to each and everyone you come in contact with. Practice the fruits of the Spirit, with forgiveness, sincere fairness, courageous loyalty, undying hope, merciful ministry, loving cooperation, comforting presence, increasing understanding, unselfish devotion, loving service, enlightened honesty, confiding trust, unfailing goodness and enduring peace.