1999-12-06-Scribbles from Lytske

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Topic: Scribbles from Lytske

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Unknown

TR: Lytske

Session 1



Prayer: Dear Michael, thank you for having provided me with a restful healing sleep. I was reading just now about the temptations of the evil one. However, according to the messages received from some of my friends, Lucifer, Satan and Caligastia are no more. Therefore, in time, will the severe [temptation] that kept us away from your Love and work lessen?

Dear child, you will learn to fully understand what true temptation is, and how to recognize it. Temptation can be anything to keep you away from your true calling. Your true calling is being about My work -- about the Father’s work.

For you, temptation can be anything that keeps you away from studying your text, the Urantia Book, if in your view something minor needs to be done first. It can be lack of self-discipline, to keep the ‘inner house’ in order, or sliding into mental laziness by not keeping your thoughts under conscious control.

The desire to do the will of God needs to grow stronger, so there is less temptation to follow the human impulse of becoming a rudderless boat, tossed to and fro on the seas of selfish living. Ask your God within to fan the flames of desire to increase doing the Father’s will in your life.

Temptations come very much in the form of addictions and unbridled living. Search your heart and see what you are addicted to. No one is as yet perfect, but perfection is the eternal goal of the ages.

Once a human soul desires, and decides, to do the will of Creator with a happy and cheerful heart, indeed, not by being coerced out of fear of punishment, then the matter is a foregone conclusion that the creature shall attain Paradise, for that creature is already perfect in God’s eyes.

So fan the flames of your desire in greater cooperation with your Thought Adjuster – that Gift from God -- that still Voice within.

Session 2



Prayer: Dear Michael, thank you for your message today in which you spoke about the majestic union of a soul with God, and that it is the aligning of the human will with God’s will, and the doing of God’s will, being the only way the soul is being nourished and supported. Please expand my understanding of God’s will for me. Thank you.

Dear one, you are being taught daily, minute by minute in deep mind. The one small detail you overlook is your listening skills. Your attention, focus and awareness belong with this. Your desire needs to be fueled with the intent to focus upon the will of God.

Know that you receive nourishment from your Mystery Monitor as soon as you turn your attention inward, for the inner needs to overshadow the outer. In the inner life the decisions are made which affect the outer.

Your Thought Adjuster inspires your soul to grow. It spiritizes your thinking and endeavors to bring your thoughts to a higher level.

Cultivate your intent, grow the intensity of your desire, turn your ear inward to hear the voice of God more clearly, which is always leading you to higher levels of being. Onward, inward and upwards the journey goes.

You do not always suffer from depression. You often suffer from a lack of inner Joy. Seek immediately the comfort of your Beloved within, when you realize this dark cloud hovering over you.

You will begin to truly feel Its love and devotion for you, flooding your being.

Saturate yourself in the Stillness of your heart, and be filled with the Creator’s everlasting Glory. Know that you are blessed indeed.