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Topic: Friendship

Group: Half Moon Bay TeaM


Teacher: Olfana, Anatolia

TR: Susan Kimsey



Anatolia: Greetings, dear ones. My name is Anatolia. Some of you may not be familiar with me, but I am involved with the Teaching Mission groups in Columbus, and Indianapolis. I have transmitted through D. on several occasions, and I am very pleased and gratified to be with you on this beautiful afternoon. Let us rejoice in the warm sunshine, in the fresh spring air. Your world is so beautiful, so filled with much that is wondrous and pristine. Yet, it is so fragile. We, Teachers, while we have come to present you expanded concepts of truth for your spiritual enlightenment, also share a keen interest in the environmental ecology of your beautiful world. Human greed, and waste, and lack of wise use of resources, have diminished so much of it. We are also involved in the effort to uplift the biological resources of this planet as well.


However, today, I wish to give you a short discourse on the topic of friendship. As you go about your life, as you work in your jobs, as you live in families or other relationships, what is the singular most important aspect of living? Is it the tasks that you do each day? Or is it the joy and the comfort you find in the relationships that you have with others? Friendship is one of the most beautiful and inspiring elements of living in the universe. It is what binds us together in tolerance, in perseverance, in faith, in compassion, in forgiveness, and merciful understanding.

Throughout your ascension career, others who are unlike you, those who have come from numerous planets, quite unique and different from Urantia, will surround you. Yet, you will each have something in common, and that is your quest to find the Father. This is what will bind you together in relationships, in friendships, to learn from one another, to draw from one another understanding of each individual's life experience, and that unique perspective that makes you see your situation, your path to the Father, in a new and expanded light.

To the extent you can on this planet, we encourage you to keep the concept of friendship foremost in your minds, for it will strengthen you and nourish you as you go about your daily tasks, humble and monotonous as they sometimes may be. It is the essence of friendship. They will add a sweet savor to your life. I look at each of you in friendship, and know that one day we will be able to meet, eye to eye, spirit to spirit. Until that day comes, you may draw upon us as your Teachers for insight, and inspiration, and for companionship, when you feel the need for a helping hand. I bow to This Spirit Within each of you. Go in peace. Good day.

Olfana: I am very appreciative of the opportunity you have given us to speak. I would very much commend this Teacher, Anatolia. Because this question of friendship, as you develop your relationships, is indeed more important and valuable than at times you recognize it to be. Honor these friendships you are forming among yourselves. They have consequences for you above and beyond this life. They have consequences for you that have to do with your soul growth. They have consequences for you in terms of your greater aspirations and growth. How you become a friend to others in this world "counts for something" in a much stronger way than perhaps you now realize.

And I would ask you to, indeed, even look to this example of the ways in which we Teachers are now offering you a relationship, a sense of friendship, and caring kindness toward you, as a model that, indeed, matters, in how you connect among yourselves. Let us all remember that we are to be joined by God in an eternal pattern that represents so much more in majestic potentials than we now even can conceive. And in that regard, make these "holy relationships," my dear ones. Make these holy friendships, in the best possible sense. Offer this sense of holy love, and appreciation, and respect to each other, and you will find that there is, indeed, a monumental way in which this will effect the quality of your life.


E: Thank you, Olfana. It was an honor and a privilege.

Olfana: You are all so loved by God's Creation. You are all so dearly cared for, by so many levels of compassion, so many levels of respect and worthiness. There are Great Beings who commit themselves to your watchcare. Remember that in yourselves, my dear ones. "I am valuable enough to God that He offers His angels in my service," and in that, become a prayer toward these Beings, of love and appreciation for this watchcare.

B: A prayer of appreciation toward the seraphim.

Olfana: You are, indeed, the cherished ones of angels, of celestial guardians, of the Great and Mighty Most Highs, the orders of many Sons of God. You are --that-- important to the universe, my dear ones, and in that way, I encourage you to cherish yourselves as we now cherish you, also. You may be tiny seedlings, but you are precious plants, precious blossoms, and precious creations "in potential." And we hold these seeds in the palm of our hands, and we carefully collect you, and most certainly place you in nutritious soil, as much as possible in your own growth.