2000-11-10-The Magisterial Son

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Topic: The Magisterial Son

Group: Pocatello TeaM


Teacher: Daniel, Michael, MInearisa

TR: Bob S.



Christ Michael (Bob S): Hear these words from your Creator. My children, doubt not the words you hear from my representatives. They are my hands and feet on Urantia. They all have my special blessing. Listen to them.

Daniel (Bob S): Greetings, my children, I am Daniel. Yes, I know your are disappointed. (Laughter.) It's only me. (Comments.) Our Creator Father/Brother does make it difficult to follow in his footsteps, but I shall try.


My children, you know well the words I have spoken often before that the time has come for all of you to make your final preparations. We do not know the day or the hour, but we do know all is in readiness. All is prepared. The decision now rests with Christ Michael who, when he is satisfied, will give us the green light. At that time something wonderful will happen. You will all be appraised. You will not miss it. It will be a day of immense importance to the mortals on this planet. I am not permitted to tell you more than I have already said, but we are immensely excited and wait as patiently as we can for we know something of what is to transpire. This is a new experience for most of us, so we are as anxious as you are. So friends, prepare yourselves. Get your personal lives in order so that you may heed the call. I wish I could say more, but I cannot.

You have all been prepared for this moment. It is the time we have all been awaiting for we knew long ago what was about to transpire, but were forbidden from telling you any more until you were ready. Now you are ready. You are all prepared, i.e. from our side you are prepared. You must now get your own personal lives into a final state of readiness, i.e. if you choose to participate. As is always the case you have the final say. We cannot force anyone to do anything they choose not to do, so you will have a time of decision. This is one of the reasons for my introduction tonight. Ponder, friends, your situation. What will you do? Which way will you go? You do not have to commit yourselves until you hear the details. You do not have to decide until it is time to decide. However, those who have already made their minds up should begin to get themselves ready. We expect the time could happen anytime now. From our perspective, all is in readiness. Well, that concludes my lesson for this evening. I will now open the door for questions or comments. There are several others here with me who may assist in answering your questions. What is your pleasure?


Ken: Daniel, do I understand you right when you say all mortals will be aware of this event, not just a select few? Is that correct, all mortals on this planet will be aware of this event?

Daniel (Bob S): Thank you, Kenneth, for your question. I cannot provide details, but generally the answer is those who have prepared themselves and those who are open to the message will hear it. So not all mortals will hear.

Ken: Thank you, Daniel. That was one of our earlier discussions on who would be able to see or hear this. Thank you.

Daniel (Bob S): You are welcome, my son. Are there other questions from the group?

Pat: Daniel, when you say get our personal lives in order, does that mean continuing to correct ourselves or be corrected, but to continue to live as a fine example, or is it more verbalizing to others? Does that question make sense?

Daniel (Bob S): My daughter, it makes perfect sense. This too is an excellent question. Again I am not permitted to go into great detail, but the answer is generally yes to all your questions. This requires personal growth and preparation. This requires opening and closing relationships. This requires family decisions. This requires career decisions. All of these things in your personal lives have or will have an impact on your decision. Hence all of these areas should be addressed in some detail before you can make the type of decision the Father expects his responsible children to make. Does this answer your question, my child?

Pat: Yes, and I like the statement responsible children. Thank you.


Daniel (Bob S): I sense there are other questions, which you are dealing with privately. Recall you have access to much information through your personal teachers and other personalities, so you need not raise question tonight in this forum. And if you so choose you can avail yourselves of your private resources at the appropriate time.

Inear: Daniel, it's Inear again. I'm not sure that I have a personal teacher any more since Lozareo. I understand he is not permanently assigned to me. Do I have a personal teacher, and is that teacher here tonight?

Daniel (Bob S): My child. We feel it best that you deal privately with this issue, for the answer is yes and no. (Laughter.) We believe it best that we answer your question privately, and we assure you that we are not playing games. We feel strongly this is the best way to answer your question tonight. May I also add that this is an appropriate and important question, which you should endeavor to pursue further at a more appropriate time. Are you accepting of my answer?

Inear: Yes, Daniel. Thank you very much.

Daniel (Bob S): Yes, we regret having to answer in a way which suggests we are playing games for we are not. When you get the answers to your question appropriately answered, you will understand the reason for our indirect approach.

Inear: Thank you.

Daniel (Bob S): Are there other questions which your elder brothers and sisters may deal with?

Ken: Daniel, you said in the opening to get ourselves together. I take that to mean rededicating myself to doing the will of the Father. We must define to ourselves and open ourselves to actually doing the will of the Father. Just saying that is one thing, but doing that is very hard. Am I correct?

Daniel (Bob S): This is Daniel. Kenneth, you, my son, are correct. One's dedication to the Father is of primary importance in this decision. It is only one of several decisions, which must be made, although it, for most persons, is a necessary first step. You, my son, have all the necessary tools and are prepared to make this decision. You are correct in sensing that the initial decision has secondary ramifications, which indeed require other decisions down the road. Hence one can look at the decision to do the will of the Father as an initial step and expect that to engender other decisions related to the initial decision. I regret not being able to speak more clearly. I must confine my remarks to general situations. Further follow up is encouraged, but must be done privately. Do you see where I am headed, Kenneth, with my answer?

Ken: Yes. Thank you much, Daniel.

Daniel (Bob S): You are of course welcome, my son. We teachers enjoy immensely the challenge…(The TR struggles…) We will complete that thought in another way. You all provide us, your teachers, the opportunity to grow with you. Hence we feel we are more than teachers. We feel we are your brothers and sisters, and when you grow we grow. When you struggle we struggle. So it is an unusual teacher-student relationship. Well I didn't mean to give a sermon (Laughter.), but I did anyway. Are there other questions, which I can answer along with my colleagues here this evening?



Daniel (Bob S): My children, this is Daniel. Minearsia is here and wishes to close tonight's session. One moment please.

Minearsia (Bob S) My children, this is Minearsia, your instructor in residence. You are the source of much pleasure for us. We had no idea of how we teachers would be received on this planet. It has been a most gratifying and heart warming experience. Yes, there have been failures. Yes, we have not always anticipated completely how you mortals would respond, but in general I can tell you we are most pleased.

And now it is up to you. No, we are not finished. You still have much to learn, however, we have reached the point where The Blessed One is ready to come forward. How excited we are. How excited we know you will be when the call comes. Unfortunately we do not know the hour. We are not Deity. We are just ahead of you, but we read the signs and they say clearly all is in readiness. Your personal teachers and others will continue their work with you, and your personal growth remains your #1 priority. However, you have all been chosen. You have all been prepared for other work. We await your decision . That concludes my remarks, my friends. Daniel wishes to close tonight's meeting. Will you stand and take each other's hands.

Daniel (Bob S): Will you join me in this prayer. To those whose being we owe everything, we direct this prayer to You. Our hearts are over flowing in anticipation, yet a certain amount of anxiety. We are not perfect. Only You are perfect. Open our eyes we ask, oh great Trinity, so that we may see with clarity the paths You have set before us. You know us better than we know ourselves. Strengthen us. Lift us up. Provide us with the wisdom and courage necessary to make the decisions, which You will find pleasing, which You will find true. We cannot do this without Your support. You know this. We, each in our own way, struggle with the lives which we have been given and now we wish to take the next big step in our lives, but the chasm appears deep. The decision emits difficulties. Our human weakness stands in the way. With Your love, with Your support, with Your help we have the faith necessary to take that step into the unknown. Be with us as we go our separate ways, and guide us along the path You would have us take. Amen.