2000-11-19-Higher Education

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Topic: Higher Education

Group: N. Idaho TeaM


Teacher: Elyon, Rantarason, Jessona, Sharmon

TR: Sheila, Gerdean, Jonathan



Elyon (Sheila TR): Greetings, I am Elyon, and this will be Sheila's first experience to speak for me out loud. She is unaware of the many times I have stood beside her.



Your discussion, as usual, has been addressed with the hearts, with your humor. This we often count on, as we often find you bearing yourselves in seriousness, almost like a burden of responsibility which was not necessarily intended. Your ability to have faith, to use faith and trust to receive and give your messages with intention of accuracy, is noble. But, my friends, the burden of responsibility has never been intended, for when this is so, we feel a drag upon the energy. This energy was intended to flow, to be spread lightheartedly, like the wind. It is always our intention to send messages of hope, of growth, of intention for spreading to your brothers and sisters with the same intentions of hope and lightheartedness. Yes, the wind can become fierce and strong, but this is a metaphor for the level of truth that we send, not the level of intimidation.


As I look in this room I see the uniqueness in each one of you and what you have gained in experience up to this point. It is this experience that we count on to be the tool in the way you will present and to whom will be put before you to be given the messages of this great truth. You each have your own unique and wonderful way of telling a story. Every single one on your planet is susceptible to a certain pattern, certain words, certain method of being spoken to so that they may hear the message. It would be useless for you to try to send a message in a way that your brother next to you does.

You have discussed your desire to live every day with your hearts. You may take these hearts, this truth, and your knowledge and experience with you wherever you go. We would not try to take away the accumulation of knowledge that you have received in order to place you somewhere you are not familiar. This is not the way. We count upon this moment now, this truth as you know it now, your knowledge, your ways, your humor, and your devotion just as we use all of ours in an effort to share ideas, to share the truth, and to share our love towards one another. Embrace what you know now, embrace all that you have done and all that you are. Know that this is yours; this is your valuable gift, and it is in becoming fully aware of your gift that you are able to share appropriately the message, not just your message, but the Father's message, His words through you. He has shared your experiences; He has shared your understanding and counts on this when you allow yourself to be used by Him. If you were all to be in the same basket the work might not reach afar. This again is the benefit of having the unique experiences that you all have. You understand the same truth. You understand and know the same Father. This is all that is necessary for you to go about the world and share His word. Do not fear all of the avenues that there are for you to be about. Embrace this planet as if the whole thing is yours. Embrace the people, as they are all your brothers and sisters. In doing so you have gained the skills to know what "being one with" means. You are coming upon knowing what being one with the universe is by sharing these moments with us.


In embracing the sense of order, you would benefit greatly by embracing where you are and all that you are first and then extend to the universe. By overlooking all that is here for you to embrace and trying desperately to extend universally would be skipping an important part of this great career you are taking. I guess I would be saying embrace fully the next step that you see clearly and leave the ones that are clouded for another time when you step forward and are able to see them more clearly. By embracing the next clear step you will feel more assured, less in the void, less in the darkness. In being more clear you will have the ability to be led more clearly and will experience less of the burden of responsibility that you feel in moving forward.

I appreciate this opportunity to be heard and will now allow others to send their greetings. Thank you.


Rantarason (Gerdean): Rantarason here with a word on higher education, a word brought about by an interest in your empathic, compassionate, experiences.

In your studies you recall Jesus in his personal ministry. As he met with individuals he was able to bring into clear focus for them a vision of their perception of reality and show, as well, as a door opening into a greater perception of a greater reality, altering that individual's appreciation. Your skills here have to do with teaching the many to fish rather doing their fishing for them. It is easy to become secure in one's relative wisdom, and it feels good to have people come to you for answers.

All of you who have gained partial wisdom and who enjoy expressing divine reality have the recognition of when you have revealed the Spirit of Truth. This consciousness of being in line with divinity is self-gratifying. If you were to be selfless, however, you would not look upon how you are made to feel but upon how the situation reflects upon those you would serve. In order to be of service in many kinds of situations, it is important for you to stand back and observe the true problem, not just the emotional trappings that cloud the issue. The root of the problem can be found through making contact with that divine source that is related, that indwells you each. That is where the true communication can be made. At once it is imperative you relinquish any responsibility for the results of how that insight will be accepted and revealed. Righteousness requires that you be able to be impartial and see the true issue, the true concern, not only the details of its manifestation. These are elements of your learning that are fodder for discourse. As these discourses are made a part of your social arena, they become the mores of tomorrow. In time what we are teaching you will be taught in your schools and universities as behaviors to foster cultures, to govern civilizations, and the new reality will have become dominant, readily tipping the scales with the shadows of reality trailing behind, causing no major stirrings in an otherwise progressive life that presents a new series of opportunities and challenges that you will not know until we get there.

Many of you fear evolution because you love the chase, the scramble, the fight. You love the adrenaline, the danger, the risk, the thrill and fear that if you become mature or responsible or gracious you will become boring and life will be a dull existence. You have this perception because you are limited yet. If you were to realize that each new level of growth presents its own conflicts pertinent and relevant to the new paradigm, you would realize that there are in store for you many challenging and exciting opportunities for courage ahead. Higher education is not a mere cerebral understanding. It is a development for the soul en route to your morontia existence and (to quote Clarence) to get your wings, in reference to "It's a Wonderful Life". You will become spirit one day, but you attain that goal by the truth of the adage, "live loyally each day as a tadpole" eventuating at last in attaining frog-dom. How fun! What a wonderful thing to look forward to.

You are a delight to know and be part of. It is a joy to be able to visit with you and see your childlike natures reach for greater grasps of truth, beauty, and goodness as it is presented from on high. Farewell.

Jessona (Jonathan): I am Jessona. I have taken note of your endeavors to foster growth in yourselves and to be a contribution to the growth of others in your life. It is uplifting to be observing your successes, but it is even more exciting to be a participant in your activities.

Growth, Action

Each of you has the Supreme goal, that being the evolution of soul and the eventual attainment of the Paradise Father. You are aware of and adapted to the structures, mechanisms, the vital fluxes that contribute to evolution. You know that in order to evolve, you must be involved, wholeheartedly consecrated to truth, dynamically activated by goodness. To be as you are, focused upon healing and artistic expression and ministry, you are involving yourself in the dynamics of life which harbor the potential for the evolution of your soul. We have always fostered and have been on the look out for involved human beings.

Much too much of the time spent in religious pursuit revolves around the ideas and doctrines and ways of thinking that soothe the hungry soul but do not bring action. The ingestion of reality comprehension necessitates the expression of real action. It is cyclical in nature. It is natural, and your willingness to do the Father's will has brought to you the truth of this cyclical quality of ascension. No one may ever stand still. As you would naturally do if you had a large ball in your possession, say, five feet in diameter and you needed to push that ball up to the top of a hill; would you skid it or roll it? Being round in nature, it is natural that you would roll it. Your soul is your ball. Throughout your life you will cycle and in times of confusion you may wind up observing yourself as merely oscillating from not having perceived the forward movement, only the rotation, the treadmill sense. Herein is where faith is your support, to understand that you are moving upward and forward. We teach the stillness. Stillness is the location at the center of this rolling ball. In the clarity of this chamber wherein the Father resides you can perceive your lifecycles in a context that reveals your momentum, your progression.

I support your activities which pursue the deeper levels of mind and soul contact and spirit awareness. As much as I do encourage you to be involved in ministry, in outreach, in healing, they are a natural cycle that brings increased energy into the forward momentum of your Paradise ascent and has the same effect upon those in your life who are either struggling with stagnation, or frustrated over slow progress, or even battling with the sense of retrograde motion.

Continue to exercise your curiosity, your intrigue over what's next in your future. Though you may plan and pursue, refresh yourself with the joy of sudden discovery, unexpected presentations of opportunity. It is natural to be thrilled over the projection of a plan and to find an unaccounted for event contributing, but it is likewise exciting to have a never before dreamt of event enlarge your perspective of your plans and purposes. This approach applies to many efforts. The effort to be involved in the healing process of the Father through you to another also presents itself with unexpected revelations. So, you may enter into this form of ministry with a prayer for correction of disease, of an ailment, a distress, only to have presented to you considerations that were inconceivable beforehand. These, rather than being obstacles to your goal, are enlargers of your vision. You now have greater understanding of the components that make up the condition. It may cause redefinition, redirection of intent, but it is increasingly real, for the situation has always been such as it is, and you are now more keenly aware of the parameters. So, to be involved means to apply yourself, but it also means to be attentive to . .. that will help you to be more precisely applied in the outworking of divine ministry.

Thank you for your time. I always enjoy your company and do my utmost to always be present.


Sharmon (Gerdean): This is Sharmon. I just wanted to remind you that while Jesus goes with you in and through your life experiences, midwayers also go with you into those experiences, in particular when they involve material reality. We've been here, as you say, been there, done that, can go with you into your multi-layered experiences as if we were big brother, big sister giving you nudges. If you pay attention, it will make our work together much more effective, for we want nothing more than for you to be working in the realm that we work so hard to uplift. We are as excited to find you as you are to find us. We find you noticing and beginning to believe, putting "names to faces", putting personalities to events, and feel encouraged. Be open to meeting many more of us, making us part of your family gatherings as we are able to be with you in the sense of your realm most effectively. Then you and we and Jesus can go into the fields and gather the harvest.


It looks like all we are going to be able to gather up this week, however, is snowballs. Turkey, if mother provides. Thanksgiving if we are mindful of what there is to be happy about, grateful for, even when it isn't a turkey, maybe especially when it isn't a turkey. Let's go have fun and see what the day provides, not just today but the day that we have together.