2001-04-13-Thought & Illumination

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Topic: Thought & Illumination

Group: At Large


Teacher: Tomas

TR: Tiahuan



Good morning, this is Tomas again, to speak with you.


I would teach you the nature of human thought and the nature of divine illumination. In your arena of mind where your conscious activities, your conscious thinking occurs, this arena that is subject to your own choice is filled with the awareness of the many activities and actions of you, your fellows, indeed, it may incorporate the activities of those of us reaching to you, touching you from on high. The mind of the Adjuster, the thought of your indwelling spirit which you would probe, which you would know, is done through his own illumination, his own revelation in and through your mind. He will use various means, he will inject images to awaken you, he may speak to you of his love, he will use the language of your own realm to guide you into that realm where he dwells. He would acquaint you with himself, with his divine love, his divine affection, infuse your thinking with these qualities of our Father and his love for you and all his children.

You have wondered if he is conscious of time. He is conscious of you and your movements measured as they are. His revelation is coordinated in and through the ministering spirits of time whose acute awareness of your own time sequence is the means of their direct assistance to you in the course of your mortal career. The Adjuster would infuse this with the deeper awareness of your eternal career, that career that transcends time and therefore lies beyond the range of your thinking bound as it is in time, and gradually, as you recognize and embrace these movements of spirit diverse yet acting as one, Father increasingly is enabled to live within you, through you, gaining mastery of the mind, the mortal consciousness. This is the story of your progressive ascent, your ascension which begins even now.

Listen to the sound of your spirit. Heed the summons of your seraphic guides. Walk into the experience of their commingled love and its action in and upon you in the course of your decisions. It is you in your choice which creates this opportunity in your progressive recognition of their roles in your thought. It is you who are the host inviting these and others, even myself to this arena of soul making. Yes, in your thought you determine the range of your invitation, how fully you would invite these to act in and through you. Your choice provides the fulcrum upon which we work, the levers of love to lift you, and as you are lifted, you lift your world, for you are in and upon your world, you bring us your experience of your world, and by this action progression is made. It is the joint efforts of an effective team linking the human and divine.

Would you wonder, would you ponder this movement and its measure? This is your consciousness in time, your spirit sees your course in perfection, would present to you these images projecting your potential that you may then affirm, you may then make real, but he carries with him the consciousness of an eternal career, inexhaustible which you would enter increasingly, and so your thought in any of your moments, always in this present is moving, expanding the range of your own eternity experience.


Draw from this well and feast upon the fusion of your human and divine minds. Weave them as one as they are becoming in truth, and join with us your brothers on high. Even still, we act as one and never more so as in this moment of communion.