2002-11-15-Updating on Activities

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Topic: Updating on Actiivities

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Bzutu

TR: George Barnard



George: "Contrary to popular belief, I deeply resent having to talk to my big toe or my "turned-in" navel. Suffice to say, I'm delighted to note your eminent presence, Brother. You have been sorely missed in this household. We both love you, and we greet you."

Bzutu: "This is Midwayer Chief, ABC-22, and contrary to popular belief, I have not deserted you, my friends, for you are both greatly loved by me, as by the entire platoon. It is a rare but opportune moment of tranquility in your ever-restless mind that I might utilize to succinctly "update on our activities. Perhaps beginning with what is happening now, and perhaps a little insight into the work that has been going on.


"Many Midwayers, Morontia Companions, Morontia Cherubim, and Primary Midwayers, of course - let's not leave them out, that huge contingent of contributors and producers - are engaged in working through the minds of many wealthy individuals who are hiding, "essentially employing", or doing whatever they can to make their offspring safe, but who are showing great disregard for others on the path they tread in promoting what could well become the most vicious and lengthy war that has ever been fought on this planet by "another's expendable children" (see notes).

"We are engaged in the task of trying to prevent this war. We are in tune with the majority of mortals all over the planet who so look forward to an outbreak of peace, when the goods and services of this world will be shared, the love of brother for his brothers, the love for sister for her sisters can blossom in a way that will finally end this chapter of millennia of warfare in this planet's history of envy, of hatred, of learning lessons the hard way, and of discrimination and distrust.

"Under my immediate command are ten of those you describe as "cute little guys, but hardly toys, and very, very clever" - [inaudible, but sounds like "those further associated, up and down the line of command".] - And, largely they are the Morontia Cherubim that are especially appointed to enliven those who have a distaste for war, and "to help make their voices heard", as well as to calm those who have a direct interest in the quantities of explosives that may be sold, the greater volume of required oil products that will bring bigger profits for themselves, and for their shareholders.

"It will gladden you to know that those (mortals) who do not want a war are of the vast majority. Of those who are supporting big business and politicians in their madcap moves, are largely those who fear they are at risk, unless a new war is begun. And those who see only profit at any cost are but a tiny, tiny slice of the total.

"I know that you are hardly interested in politics, but you paused for me to communicate with you and it is our long-time friendship that brings me here today, and as well, it is important to me, my dear brother, for you to grasp where I am now at, as I remember better times much more enjoyed.

"Yet in this present climate we prefer to work even through the minds of those who may only just barely perceive what we are trying to impart to them, rather than for us to be on another battlefield with the thousands of victims helping them to either live or die, as so many wars of the last few hundreds of years have "called up their victims".

"We, too, suffer from headaches when the explosions are near, and they turn into chronic migraines by the suffering that we see. How many wars have we experienced that were meant to be the war to end all wars? Should this one come about, despite the all-out efforts of thousands upon thousands times one thousand of our ready troops - should it come about - we sincerely hope it will be the last of its kind, and that we can then move on toward cajoling all on this planet into Light and Life.

"We sincerely hope to enjoy the delight of victory here, rather than the despair of failure in our tasks, and more so now than at any other time in our history. That is my report. I hasten to add that our work on this planet has taken a new turn, and may God bless all these wonderful guys that have chosen to volunteer and help us out in their vast numbers arrived from all over the universe(s), and not just on this planet, but on all those that have been so retarded for so long.

"This is a Satania-wide (spiritual) upstepping, long overdue you might say, but we are "into it" with a vengeance, and reports are coming in of great progress elsewhere, and even from the worlds most badly effected, as you so long ago glimpsed (see notes).


"This is your brother in Christ. This is your comrade of decades in His service. This is Midwayer Chief, Bzutu signing off. Behave yourselves, kids!"

George: "Good one!"

Bzutu: "I'm sticking around here for a time."


The political scene interests me little, but for my very best Midwayer friend being so involved. Of interest is his quote of the poor fighting wars, the rich keeping their offspring safe, but caring not for the demise of the poor.

A long-ago view of a high-tech world of the most barbaric customs was unsettling. I was then also advised to not again label this planet as "the rubbish bin of the galaxy", or "the garbage can of the local universe", as these comments would or might one day come back to haunt me.