2003-01-05-Mankind's Evolution

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Topic: Mankind's Evolution

Group: Woods Cross TeaM


Teacher: Abraham, Emulan

TR: Nina



I am ABRAHAM. Greetings. I have enjoyed your conversation this evening. It has been quite thought provoking. I appreciate your willingness to be honest and loving. For the most part I perceive you as lovers of truth. While harsh realities may blind you for a time, your love for Father and truth always brings you to a place of reconciliation.

I am EMULAN. I am also with joy to visit this branch of my family tree. I have been assigned to teach this evening’s lesson, for my experience has trained me well. I have always been fascinated by the total mortal makeup. From the beginning days on a planet, continuing on through evolution to the present stage, I have always found this divine plan to be without defect.


You can envision for yourselves how man’s perception has changed throughout history. This perception affects everything, including the physical body. Everything in nature has pattern, plan and purpose. When you view a pack of wild animals you can see there are some animals that are the leaders, some are the nurturers, some are the hunters. Overall the pack works for the health and well-being of the whole.

With time you can see that wild life has not changed or evolved like humans have. Their changes perhaps come from man’s intrusion. Animals have not the capacity to know God. They merely live on instincts. They know not good or evil. Their selfishness is more perhaps self-preservation. While all animals are truly cherished by our Father, wild life is not equipped to connect with divine circuitry.

Mankind’s evolution has indeed been his friend and foe. Man’s ability to comprehend good and evil has taken him through an amazing transformative evolutionary experience. As a mortal I did do better as a child of God when I had begun to understand my mortal self. I was indeed part instinctive animal, part divine child of God, part material and part energy. How I perceived life is what enabled me to progress or delay progression.

No Urantian scientist has full knowledge of the human brain and all its functions. There are many individuals who believe they know all there is to know about the mind and its inner workings. Father is truly brilliant with His divine plan and how everything has pattern, plan and purpose. You are each gifted with mind and over time your mind has been shaped by various experiences.

There are certainly reasons why you are the way you are. How you have perceived life up to this point has shaped you into the person you are today. With the rebuilding of the circuits your minds have a greater capacity to absorb, understand and organize. You are better equipped to receive morontial lessons. You are indeed able to have those gifts you would have had there not been rebellion.

This week make effort to quiet the mind. Take note of those occurrences that seem out of the ordinary, for example foresight or feeling spirit-led, feeling capable of handling situations. Know that your minds are connected to a cosmic mind. Think about who you are and how everything works together. Ponder the possibility of change. Things are always changing. Truth ever remains the same, but most everything is in a state of evolution.


I am ABRAHAM. Our gratitude to our brother Emulan. Your expertise will be to our benefit. Children, there are endless possibilities here on your world, not to be exploited or used for self-aggrandizement, but tangible possibilities that are leading you into an era of Light and Life--definitely a moment we are all looking forward to.

Think about how Father knows each one of you and how there is little you can do comprehend or grasp the fullness of His love for you. Ponder your perception of your God and His involvement in your life. Know that those who watch over you are without number and not to worry, but be comforted by the unceasing truth that you are a child of God and loved beyond measure. Go in peace. Until next week, shalom.