2003-01-26-Truth And Awareness

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Topic: Truth and Awareness

Group: Woods Cross TeaM


Teacher: Abraham

TR: Nina



I am ABRAHAM. Greetings. I would like to express to you my gratitude for your continued faith and support. You are why we are progressing with such success in bringing worldwide awareness. You have answered our call and for that we thank you.

I can understand the distractions in life can cause imbalance. It can cause one to lose focus and make any and all things acceptable. Deep within the hearts and minds of any spirit born child of God there is that vain of truth, there is that inner knowing of right and wrong. Those that are not so much living a spirit-led life would not perhaps have the same awareness, and any and all things become acceptable, especially if it brings self-aggrandizement.


This evening we will focus on truth and awareness. Many mortals believe the fact that truth can be molded to adjust any circumstance. Truth can be colored by ones heartfelt desires. Truth is truth and that may look different in every individual’s eyes. To Father however truth just is. Truth is pure perception without being colored by personal desires.

Many individuals find the truth to be cruel, and in their denial of it, progress is slowed. Not to worry because eventually truth will demand to be seen. Said Jesus, “The truth shall make you free.” The willingness to see reality for what it truly is--is to be in a state of forward momentum, always progressing and ever growing.

Truth begins with awareness. That means having the courage to not dramatize the truth or color it with the needs of the ego, but to see it as a teacher. Our Mission has for the most part been about bringing awareness. In this awareness the vein of truth has been pulsating with new thought. Individuals are finding that living a life of falsehood is entirely unfulfilling. The falsehood makes even the most stable looking foundation quite shaky.

The worlds inhabitants are finding this new truthful thinking is setting them free from tradition bound practices. It is building self-esteem in a manner that makes culture and society look ridiculous. Not any one person, group or society can make you believe what is acceptable and guaranteeing love and respect, not to mention a place prepared for you in Heaven. Truth is perhaps like a dance and when you insist on leading you are sure to stumble. Awareness is a light and truth is your teacher.

In my days in the flesh I had a great many hard truths to face. I so much desired a life of power and self-glory, and therefore I molded the truth to fulfill my desires. The more truth I denied the more fear overcame me. I was made to rely upon myself, my ability and that created fear, for I was utterly alone.

A life without Father is not only meaningless, but fear producing. Accepting the truth and being aware enabled me to learn a new and better way. I did see the ugliness within and the truth enabled me to change and grow. The truth did not stop me with its judgment, but empowered me with new solutions and a priceless closeness to Father.


This week ponder your concepts of truth and the avenues you may be attempted to take to color it. How does denial slow your growth? How does the truth set you free? Also this week free yourselves from the noise of the world or earthly stimulation to better practice your awareness techniques. No questions this evening. Know that I truly feel the presence of our beloved Father when I am with you. Until next week, shalom.