2003-02-18-Stillness Practice

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Topic: Stillness Practice

Group: Costa Rica TeaM


Teacher: D. Butterfield

TR: Unknown



Q : Please elaborate on the phrase “direct contact with the Father.”

This means that you can contact Father within your own mind and heart. You do not have to intermediate with any other personality to do this. During the practice of the stillness, you are actually contacting the presence of Father, dwelling within the heart center of your body. You must quiet your mind of all thought, in stillness. During this time you can address Father through Prayer, Worship, or any other means you find appropriate (listening to inspiring music). You must patiently and silently wait for Father to reply, and He will. As you practice this, you are building trust in your identity with Father and His Love. There is no elaborate method to do this, it is quite simply as stated. You may use any meditation practice you wish, including simply being quiet, to get you into the stillness of the still mind. Going into the stillness allows you to receive direct messages from Father. He can hear you no matter what you are doing, but you must make an effort to prepare yourself for the presence within to contact you. This is why you must be still and silent. The subtle contact can be felt or heard no other way in the beginning. It also establishes a situation in which you respect this relationship. You must bring yourself full to Deity presence in order to effect the intimacy of the relationship. During stillness you do not have to go very deep within, as a matter of fact you should not go deep at all; just still your body, mind, thoughts, relax and imagine being engulfed with a brilliant white light which is both pleasing and soothing. This light is the actual presence of God, I AM. (This presence is the actual presence of the first source, God the Father, just as the glass of water you drink is the actual rain, the actual ocean, the actual river, lake or stream.) You are very important to God. He insures that you will return to Paradise by coming and being available for you from the very beginning of your journey, that he may personally Love you, guide you and in all ways become you.

During your stillness practice you simply open your heart. You open the heart to allow you to experience the Divine Presence within, and also to allow the Love of this Presence to engulf you and your heart. The heart is the organ of true feeling, true presence, and true Love. Open your heart that you may truly become one with your creator. Imagine your heart as a gigantic reservoir, which you fill with the Love of Father. You open the gates to this reservoir that it will fill to overflowing capacity. You will have this love to give freely to all you encounter. It is by freely giving this Love that you are brought into harmony with your true purpose. This is the divine act which is asked of you; be ye perfect even as I Am. Perfection is giving and receiving this Love. Love cannot be stored in the mind. Love is not intellectual, or factual. It is felt, and feeling can only be stored and given from the heart. There is no need for grand ritual or elaborate practices, just sincere and faithful attention to the presence within and its person-ness. Respect for all practices, of course, is in order, yet this directness brings you where you want to go without any hesitation and allows you the more freely to enjoy this heartfelt Presence of the Divine Essence within. The higher mind/higher self can be contacted in no better way.


“Know me that you may know who you are becoming.”