2003-03-16-Tree Of Integrity

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Topic: Tree of Integrity

Group: Woods Cross TeaM


Teacher: Abraham

TR: Nina



I am ABRAHAM. Greetings. I am impressed by your wisdom on this evening’s topic you have discussed.


There is a wealth of information among you. Your life experience has served you well. You have indeed made the most of your life circumstances. Many mortals fail to see the value in everyday living reality. I appreciate your discussion this evening so much because the topic was so real, so common in mortal life. Your willingness to be open and share gives our beloved Adjusters opportunity to work. This is your key to opening the door to an era of Light and Life.

Our lesson this evening is not really directed at one particular focus. We will simply be probing various avenues for further Adjuster communication. Good communication with the Indwelling Father Fragment requires one to exercise integrity. If one should justify underhanded deeds, then one would find the laws of the universe in full force—meaning that every mortal has weakness and once you are aware of a more correct way, it should be common knowledge to follow in that correct way.

Every now and then one finds themselves weakened, and of course they go against what they know to be right. This is deterring Adjuster communication. To perhaps follow a darkened side would tend to lead one to feel unworthy of Father’s love, thereby cutting themselves off from the divine Spirit. When you do good, you feel good and want to keep doing better. When you knowingly have done wrong, you are disappointed with yourself and feelings of worthlessness and hopelessness set in. You ask yourself, why would Father love such an unruly child? You feel not His presence. Let us examine a few branches of the tree of integrity.

1) Being who you are really meant to be: Being yourself without projecting false pretense, allowing others to think you are something you are not. To pretend that you are other than what you are is to not allow the Adjuster to work. There becomes too much static within the human mind for the Adjuster to reach with His divine help.

2) Keeping your promises, keeping true to your word: It is understandable that in today’s busy lifestyle you would forget you have made promises and simply allow them to go by the wayside. Your ministry becomes without credibility when your word means nothing. This tells your fellows you are not dependable and do not really believe in what you preach.

3) Honesty in all things: I realize that the mortal mind of today is somewhat suspicious, for experience has given a message that hardly anything is trustworthy. It is right for the mortal mind to question everything, yes, and withdraw from that spiritual account those skills you need in deciphering truth for yourself. Honesty can indeed cause conflict, and always is there a way to project honesty that leads to more peaceful solutions. Time and experience will show your fellows that you can be counted on for truth as you perceive it. You will not be seen as simply another agreeing comrade who wishes to avoid conflict. As much honesty as you project to the world will be the measure you will receive back in return. The Adjuster finds it easy to work with a mind who can be honest with others and self. On this level it is intellectual, instead of bogged down with emotionalism.


This week as you continue in your efforts to have a clean mind and body, also reflect on your actions and your ability to follow what you believe in. Continue in your efforts to assist the material body in making better contact with the Adjuster. Also find time to ponder those branches we spoke of concerning the tree of integrity. No questions this week. Until next time, shalom.