2003-05-19-These Classes Are Your Kindergarten

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Topic: These Classes Are Your Kindergarten

Group: Arcadia TeaM


Teacher: JarEl, Corelli, Michael

TR: George B., Stella



Prayer Stella: Dear Father we thank you for the opportunity to meet together again. We appreciate the blessing of this beautiful world that you and Mother Spirit have created. Please give us the strength and ability to preserve this world. We welcome any new knowledge which you impart to us and let us do your will, be the good shepherd and disseminate your teachings, in Jesus name, Amen.

JarEl: TR, George. Good evening, it is I, your teacher, JarEl. I must say it is good to be back and see all of you once again, to share this moment in time; this moment of your lives, as you so beautifully blossom into spiritual citizens of this universe. It makes me proud to realize that I’m a part of your world, of your learning and of your experiences.


One day you shall look back at these early classes that you had on Urantia and you shall remember them as an early kindergarten type of schooling. It shall be joyful for you to remember these things. It shall give you a sense of nostalgia to remember a time that you still did not know fully the entire truth of the Universe and yet believed. You shall remember this state of mind and you shall look back and realize that you were but a child. In that sense you shall remain a child, always curious and joyful upon learning new things and growing, seeing your classmates grow and at the same time enjoying their lives with play and aversion.

These times should be joyful for you. Learn to cherish this and every moment of your life. Lay down your sorrows and forget about your pain. Have a clear sense that this time of your life is precious and it shall pass like a blink and then it shall be no more but a memory of a time when you were a child. So, as a child, explore, learn, play and enjoy your life to its fullest. For you are only given one mortal life.

Forgive me if I sound as though you should hurry up and live. I only remind you of these realities that you are in because I, myself, remember that time in which I was a mortal on my own world. Many things worried me and bogged me down. Now I look back and I realize that I should have worried less. I could have enjoyed my life more fully. Sometimes I see you getting bogged down with your lives. I understand that a lot of situations are presented to you which you must deal with. You must grow with them. All of these are lessons that you must learn, but remember that these lessons are just that, lessons that are not life or death decisions. Even if you were faced with death, know that you shall survive. Regardless of what decision you make you will always be given another opportunity to rectify any wrong decisions. My point is that you should relax and enjoy your life, for it is so brief and so quick, that you forget what you are here for. Many of you have not yet discovered your purpose. When you do discover your purpose, live in that moment, live in that reality and try to uphold those values of truth that you know. Try to be an example, so others may see the truth that you live. Be perfect as the Father in heaven is perfect. Live the life that transcends this mortal life. Reach to the heights of the Morontia Life and beyond to the Spiritual. The knowledge that you gain from these sessions should be used to help you in your growth and experiences of life. Rely on your religious experiences. Experience life fully. When you return home to your families, experience their lives and let them experience your life. Do not tell them, but show them and live it. I will now step aside so others may speak.

Corelli: TR, Stella. Good evening, this is Corelli. We are glad that you are back with us again Stella. We have missed your presence and missed your contact with us. We send our love to you all and Michael sends greetings this evening. He loves you and wishes you well and asks that you not be troubled for the future is becoming brighter. We feel now that the future may become that which it should have been. We are happy that you are with us and hope to meet again, for many of you it will be sooner then later. However, whenever that will be, it will be.

Michael: TR, Stella. You shall be treated with great love and rejoicing. In future times of your busy lives you shall commune with God the Father and with me as well. Be not troubled for you are loved, so be of good cheer, this is your Father/brother, Michael.

Corelli: TR, Stella. Stella please keep in touch for we have much to impart, thank you.

JarEl: TR, George. Are there any questions?


Lucille: I want to thank the Father for the beautiful world we live in. The flowers are all in bloom and the birds are singing and it’s a wonderful world. I do thank you Father.

JarEl: TR, George. Thank you Lucille for your beautiful observance of the world that we all live in. Just one last note, this is for you Lucille: you are truly a daughter of God for you learn to recognize the beauty that surrounds your world. You learn to recognize the beauty in others. The message that I brought here tonight you have learned to fulfill in the actions of your life.

Lucille: Thank you.


JarEl: TR, George. For all of you here tonight, I wish you all a good night and farewell until next time.

All: Good night JarEl.