2003-08-22-Next Phase

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Topic: Next Phase

Group: N. Idaho TeaM


Teacher: Michael, Elyon, Monjoronson

TR: Daniel Megow, Mark Rogers




Michael (Daniel TR): Thank you for sharing the memory of this day with me, my dear ones. Each one of us is a unique individual and a cherished expression of our Father, and just as surely each and every one of you is at the same time a unique and beloved and cherished expression of me. You are all my beloved children, yet we walk together towards our Father, I more as your elder brother.

You express our Father's love in your lives, and in this you are expressing a part of my gift to the Supreme. Because you are a part of me, we together create the perfect expression of the Supreme. This is truly our Father's will. All are here to learn and to grow, and your own personal growth towards becoming like our Father is of ultimate value to you. Yet being aware of your relation to the Supreme also are you expected to bear the fruits, and this all of you willingly do.

You are very special children of mine. You are above no other and yet you still have a specialness about you. Your individual humility helps this to shine, and the glow of your willingness to serve is evident to all your celestial brothers and sisters who are here to aid you and to serve with you. Think not that you are undeserving of special individual attention, for you are unique students and as such special tutors are provided for you. They are with you at all times for your guidance.

Do not fear to open up your hearts and souls to all who may come into your paths, for most have voluntarily been placed there. Be aware of opportunities to love and understand and to offer a perspective of comfort to one who feels lost, for it is these who we go after, and you all have volunteered to help in this endeavor. In this way will we together reform the momentum towards one of love in truth, in beauty, and with goodness. It is good to have such devoted children, and together we will do much to promote the love and mercy and goodness of our Father who is in heaven.

I celebrate my birth with you, dear ones, for indeed it was the opportunity of my lifetime, and through my experiences on this world I was able to learn the perfection of compassion. I will allow others to speak tonight, and I will be with you this celebration.


Elyon (Jonathan): As time unfolds, your experience accumulates into a continuity which forms as a result of what appears to be single events with little importance. You run an errand; you attend a meeting; you pay a bill, each item so momentarily occupies your mind and takes you forward. Yet the duration speaks to your soul, impresses you, and this experience stimulates growth, accumulates wisdom. While you grapple with these continuous momentary events and make effort to balance and manage them, know and watch for the accumulation, an overview, which reveals a pattern and a progression to your life. As you progress in this ability to perceive you will also enlarge and enhance your power to consciously infuse a situation with action, with comment, that contributes to the expansion of another. It takes a moment and broadens it into an eternal perspective. Every moment in time is important especially to creatures so new to the experience of time.

As you traverse the ages, ascend the worlds, you will adapt to a sense of a greater expanse through which you may proceed to accomplish your goal. You work so diligently on the virtue of patience give it a few lifetimes and it will be unnecessary to work on this. You will have attained it; you will understand. I am Elyon; I greet you. I honor our Sovereign Son. I give my love to you.

Magisterial Mission

Monjoronson (Mark): I will utilize this form of communication to maintain a relationship with you. This is Monjoronson, and I am thrilled to witness this sea of light I see as I see this willing group of light workers gathered here together. I am motivated to seek your assistance each one in the next phase of the unfoldment in the Father's plan. I know each one here has offered in your hearts to be of service to Michael, and this next phase which I am to be involved with is merely a step in that direction.

I know that you volunteer light workers are ever interested in facilitating an opportunity to be of service. I would encourage you to see yourselves as signing on to a new team and to see yourselves as accepting of potentials that will be brought before you as the volunteer light workers that you are. It is indeed a joy to behold the level of sincerity in a group such as this on a world such as this in a universe such as this, and behold the light that can come from such a place. It's inspiring to one of my order to work with ones of your order, and I welcome this opportunity, this relationship between us.

I foresee great growth on both our parts as we work together to bring about this manifestation of the Father's reality. You have for some years now been seeking a sign that times were ready for you to be about the fruits of your training, and that sign is at hand. You will feel the shift that will promote your circumstances to become involved and to fulfill the desires of your hearts to act as volunteers.


I thank you. I welcome you each one. I look forward to working with you, each one, as we need many, many laborers in the fields for the Father. We will go out together hand in hand, and we will fulfill this ultimate destiny of the Father's plan together. Thank you for hearing my words. I will maintain contact with you. Farewell.