2003-09-01-Why Are You Waiting to Take the UB to Others

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Topic: Why Are You Waiting

Group: Arcadia TeaM


Teacher: JarEl

TR: George B.



Prayer - Larry: Dear Father thank you for this gathering of your sons and daughters. We love you so very much and are so very grateful that you indwell each of us and for seeing your light in each one of our brothers and sisters. Welcome Father, Michael and Nebadonia into our presence tonight. Let the Spirit of Truth speak to us in the truth that is spoken here tonight. Open our eyes, ears, hearts and our minds to the truth, from which ever source it may come. We would be a light to the world. A light that will bring about Your glory when all of your sons and daughters are worshiping you and striving to do Your will, when the time of Light and Life comes to our world and peace breaks out all over the world. In that day we are here to help each other. We would be of service to You Father and our brothers and sisters. Just show us the way, direct us and lead us, we shall follow. Amen.


JarEl: TR, George. Good evening, it is I, your teacher JarEl. It is good to be here among you once again. I look forward always in sharing this moment with you. I look forward in sharing thoughts, lessons and hopes with you the children of Urantia. I know that your time here on Urantia is relatively short compared to your eternal life. I know that soon you shall become universe citizens who shall go forth representing your once native planet. You are in a very important time, a time which will bring much change in your world.

You look forward to a time when peace will break out as Larry said, but peace will not break out but grow within each and everyone who is tired of war, who is tired of hatred and anger. Peace will grow within the hearts and minds of those Urantians who will have progressive points of view who will unite together to bring change upon your planet and bring peace to everyone. This time that you live in is so important because the powers of old struggle to hold a firm grip on the past. But the children of Urantia shall change in their minds and their way of thinking and they shall grow more progressive and more spiritual. They shall see the truth behind every word and not believe the lies which the past tells them. They shall be able to see the past with clear eyes and clearer ways of thinking. They shall discern the truth, for the truth is easy to see for those who are willing to see.

The truth is not complicated in any respect. It is there and plain as the light of day. It is there for everyone to see and it must not be covered or hidden from anyone. The request that Michael gave you a couple of weeks ago is very pertinent to this. He asked you to share this light, this truth with everyone. You have all done well in studying the Urantia Papers and discussing it with each other. But how long will you have this knowledge and not share with your brothers and sisters? Is it because you are afraid of the reaction that people will have toward you? Yes, there is always the possibility of receiving a bad reaction from people not understanding your message.

You will always run into this as long as there are other organized religions who tell their people that anything outside of their own is a false religion. You know more than anyone that truth no matter what name, color or scent remains as truth. No matter if it belongs to one or various religions, truth is truth no matter and you see it as that. Why is this so difficult to think that others may hold the same point of view as you do? It does not matter if they already belong to a certain religion, if they are truth seekers they shall be open to whatever truth you present to them.

We do not demand anything of you. We understand and acknowledge your free will and your free choice. We are respectful of your individual lives. We are also very aware that much work was put into the writing of this marvelous book. The small price that you pay to purchase this book does not in anyway compare to the enormous available information that exists within its pages. To allow yourself not to reveal this marvelous Revelation signifies that you have become complacent of the fact that this was freely given to you. This truth that you so preciously hold within your hearts must be shared with everyone. For it was freely given to you so you must now freely give it to everyone and that is the original intention behind the creation of such Revelation.

It was not written so that only a handful of enlightened people could marvel at the truth that this book holds. At first only a few, yes, who know about this, but the intention is far greater and far reaching than whatever you can imagine. This is the Fifth Epochal Revelation. To not know the magnitude of such an event signifies that you have not read the book at all. The Fifth Epochal Revelation, a number so small that it can be counted on one hand. The First: The Dalamation teachings; the second: The Edenic teachings; the third: Melchizedek of Salem; the forth: Jesus of Nazareth; and the fifth: The Urantia Papers. There have been only five in the history of your planet; only five! This last one has not even been around a hundred years. The significance of this Revelation is so great and so powerful that it needs to be shouted from every mountain top and from every street corner.

Lucille: JarEl, I was brought up, many years ago, that you didn’t discuss religion or politics. That was so engrained in me that it is hard to bring the subject up to anybody. I don’t find my friends even asking question about religions. I know I have to change but I need help.

JarEl: TR, George. It not your fault Lucille, you are a product of the conditioning you suffer from. A conditioning handed down so that men would not think. So that men can be complacent and accept his or her reality. In order for you to even begin to read The Urantia Book you must be able to think. You must be able to think critically which is not existent in many religions. Many authoritative religions do not even require you to think. You go in, you sit down, you listen to the sermon, then you go home and you only have to do this once a week. It has been made into a duty rather than a privilege to think about God. Those who find The Urantia Book, or rather when The Urantia Book finds them, it is because they have achieved a level of spirituality that not only allows them to think for themselves but also gives them an environment where they are open to any possibility, any reality.

You will find yourself running into many who are close-minded and do not give themselves the possibility to even begin to question their own reality. Then you have your leaders who, by their very nature, have become leaders because society does not want to deal with that aspect of civic duty. They would rather rely on someone to lead them wherever he or she wishes to lead them. Giving up your very rights to think (and man has constantly done this) man has given up his right to think because it was too burdensome for him.

It is those who take up the challenge and actually look forward to this intelligible ascent who are more open to new truth and, yes, to The Urantia Book. How do you reach these open and willing minds? For starters do not hide your Urantia Book from the public eye. Do not just read the book and then put it away when you are done with it. There are many ways in sharing this truth. We have total trust that everyone of you shall find your own way of sharing it. Remember that much work was put into this Revelation. We are very grateful to those who do put in the effort to share this book. We know that more of you will begin doing this as well. Are there any questions?

Lucille: A week from Wednesday I will have about twenty women here and I will have The Urantia Book right out on the coffee table.

JarEl: TR, George. This is excellent Lucille.

Lucille: I’m curious to see if any of them will pick it up.

JarEl: TR, George. I assure you that their Thought Adjusters will be hard at work.

Lucille: OK.


JarEl: TR, George. Remember always that each Urantian has his own Thought Adjuster and you can always make that connection with them. Just trust in God and have faith that you can make any connection with any person on this earth. With that, I leave you, good night.

All: Good night JarEl.